THE “future of education” is here, they say. It’s in the cloud, it’s via an app, it’s online… but is it here in Bass Coast?
You may have your own suspicions about the answer to that question!
But if you’d like to hear more, or better yet, if you’ve got something to say you really should come along to an education forum at the Wonthaggi Workman’s Club next Tuesday, October 13, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.
The forum is being organised by the Bass Coast Shire Council’s Education Reference Group, which is made up of key education and training providers in the area.
This group helped deliver Council’s Education Plan 2013-2017 – a key objective of which is to “continue to advocate for the Bass Coast Education Precinct”.
However while this has been given the highest priority by the reference group and the council, and still awaits government funding, there are several other goals for developing education and training options in this area and providing more effective links to further education, jobs and ultimately to life-long learning.
And it’s not all about bricks and mortar.
In fact the keynote speaker at the forum, Yohan Dantan, is an expert on online learning, getting the most out of educational programs, apps and online; that’s his business.
A finalist in the Young Australian Innovator of the Year awards, he’s seen the future of education in Australia and he’s helping to deliver it.
Maybe he’s got some innovative ideas for us.
Peter Francis, council’s manager Economic Development and Tourism, said one of the aims of the forum is to explore the future of education in a changing environment.
“We want to explore what education will look like, whose responsibility is it, and what does life-long learning mean in the 21st century?
“In particular, what do the changes that are occurring mean for the local community?
“We want to involve the community in discussions about the diverse opportunities for learning that exist across Bass Coast, and develop strong and purposeful partnerships between business, industry, learning and development providers, and the community.”
A key objective of the forum will be the creation of better linkages between schools, training providers and potential employers to promote a more seamless transition for local students from school into employment.
How best to provide a broader range of opportunities within the local environment in order to better assist students vocationally will be an important topic for discussion.
Here are some of the council’s objectives from the forum:
• Promote education as essential to wellbeing at all ages
• Involve the community in discussions about the diverse opportunities for learning across Bass Coast
• Develop strong and purposeful partnerships between business, industry, learning and development providers, and the community
• Inspire a culture of educational aspiration and meaningful educational experiences
• Create education innovation in Bass Coast
The target audience for the forum is you; learners of all ages, learning and development providers, business and industry and the general community.
By way of background, the Council’s Education Plan (2013–2017) is available to view on council’s website.
Some of the key objectives of the plan are:
• To create better linkages between school/training and employers so that there is a more seamless transition into employment for those finishing their training
• To provide a broader range of opportunities to help students find their passion
• To highlight the benefits of life-long learning for all community members
“A dynamic education system is a fundamental ingredient of a community that is vibrant, innovative and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to compete on a global stage.
“The Bass Coast Shire Council Education Plan 2013-17 guides our council and community partners in the planning, advocacy, co-ordination and delivery of education in the shire until 2017.”
You can download both the summary of the plan or read the full plan online.
According to the shire, a life-long learning approach to education promotes the best possible start in learning, development and education and the importance of ongoing learning opportunities throughout life.
In other words, it starts at home, progresses to childcare and early learning centres, school and then on to training, university and life skills development.
Ensuring that Wonthaggi and Bass Coast in general has appropriate bricks and mortar facilities such as secondary colleges, TAFEs and universities is one thing but we also want to develop a culture of learning and aspiration.
RSVP if you would like to attend the forum (see advert this week) at or phone 1300 226 278.