As a participating artist in the Trax project at the Inverloch Skate Park, I feel compelled to write this brief letter.
These youth projects are of enormous benefit, and I’m thrilled that Mary Sullivan, the Bass Coast Shire and Inverloch Community House have created this project.
Often one hears criticisms about these projects, the money, quality of the art, the impact on business, etc, almost always these criticisms lack perspective and are loaded with bias.
For me this project is a welcome and timely gift to young people in the region.
It is an invaluable expression of acceptance and tolerance.
For example, when I managed a similar project in Wonthaggi, the police reported a massive improvement in their relationship with teens, and a reduction in crime.
The teens expressed that they felt welcomed into their community, and that it greatly reduced the perception of an ‘Us and Them’ culture.
This is what these projects are about.
The activities and artwork are a vehicle to create that community engagement and belonging.
This is of priceless benefit, and should be wholeheartedly supported by the community.
Tom Murray-White, South Dudley