I am a resident of Mirboo North and have lived in South Gippsland for 27 years.
My friends and neighbours have been under assault from gas companies for years and it must stop.
I am appalled by the behaviour of unconventional gas companies around the world, by their complete disregard for the environment, health and communities.
The executives from Lakes Oil made fools of themselves at the parliamentary hearings by contradicting the sworn testimony of representatives from five shire councils and any number of residents from those communities under threat from this company.
I have no respect for the integrity of its executives, but my research leads me to conclude that Lakes Oil is no better or worse than any other firm in the unconventional gas industry around the world.
Unconventional gas must be banned in Victoria.
The overwhelming evidence from peer-reviewed science condemns the industry and there will come a time when governments will be too embarrassed to continue to allow the damage.
I believe strongly that current mining laws need to be amended: miners’ rights must become subservient to human rights, to the integrity of communities and to the environment.
David Arnault, Mirboo North.