The letter from John Hennessy of Inverloch (Sentinel-Times, September 29) criticises the degree of visibility of many cyclists’ apparel and seeks clarification regarding the legalities of lights on bikes.
For information, road regulations stipulate that when being ridden at night or in conditions of low light a bike must have a white front light, a rear red light, both visible from at least 200 metres, and a red rear reflector visible from at least 50 metres.
Yes, there are some of the more serious cyclists known as “lycra lizards” who wear excessively dark clothing. It annoys me when I see these people placing their lives in jeopardy and if I get the opportunity I tell them so. By the same token there are many of us who wear highly visible colours and/or fluoro vests and have front and rear lights working at all times.
Bike riders can also be commuters, shoppers, senior citizens, school children etc, some of whom ride in dull or dark “civvies”. School uniforms in particular are often comprised of colours not conducive to safety on the road.
Perhaps there is a case for cyclists, and for that matter, motorcyclists, to be compelled by regulation to wear hi-viz clothing when riding on public roads.
All road users need to accept their responsibilities and share our roads safely.
Rod McGregor, Cape Paterson.