Have you witnessed the latest carnage along the foreshore in Inverloch? Many Inverloch residents are incredibly angry that iconic old trees that formed a shady canopy over the roadway in Inverloch and provided homes to a variety of animals have been recklessly decimated and chopped to the ground.
Just in the beginning of spring, when birds are nesting, their nests have been destroyed.
If you did this in the UK at nesting time you could be fined a significant amount of money!
Is it just coincidence that these stately trees stood between blocks of land that have been “For Sale” for a period of time and ocean views that will now be uninterrupted and fetch a higher price for what is widely believed to be a consortium of real estate agents who bought this land? I very much doubt it!
Ironically, this is the current question posed on the Bass Coast Shire Council website – Plants and trees are great for our environment. Apart from Landcare or CoastAction plantings, how many have you planted over the past year?
In days passed the council ensured that vegetation in Inverloch was protected but these days the sound of the chainsaw is a continuous sound resounding through the streets.
We must rally against these blatant attacks on the beautiful environment – an environment for which the majority of people chose to come and live in this pristine area.
If you want suburbia, let me suggest you stay there and not relocate to a wilderness area. Let’s vote for councillors who protect this unique environment before they totally destroy it.
Patricia Saultry, Inverloch.