When driving on the Bass Highway and local roads in the region in the past six months, we have seen a rise in signs that simply say ‘Traffic hazard’.
Some have been in exactly the same spot for the entirety of these six months (or even longer).
The most we have been able to work out that is the ‘hazard’ is a crappy stretch of poorly maintained road.
As a ratepayer in Bass Coast Shire (Cape Paterson), I have a pretty good idea of just how huge and personnel-heavy the Infrastructure Maintenance Department is, after a prolonged local battle to leave our roads here unsealed and quiet.
It hasn’t left a good taste, nor a whole lot of faith.
What irony then that the council can’t seem to embrace other matters in the shire with the same level of vim and vigour – to fix their own roads and lobby VicRoads for improvements on the major roads.
Putting up signs that are vague and semi-permanent does not increase safety for the public, nor does it show a real attempt to solve the issues with these roads.
Go on, Bass Coast. Push the boat out and show us that you do actually fix your roads and can move beyond some yellow signs and rage-inducing traffic calmers!
Lisa Dooley, Cape Paterson.