The much publicised recent redundancy of a couple of South Gippsland Shire Council employees touted as the big employee rationalisation exercise to save the council money is a perfect example of the bad spin and drivel I have written about earlier.
I would laugh if I did not think it so pathetic.
In particular, when we take into account the following events which I find so typical of the prevailing attitude and bad management on display: – Note 45(vi) to the Financial Statements for 2013 lists Senior Officers Remuneration of $944,000 in 2012 against $1,361,000 in 2013. That is an increase of $417,000 or 32.6 per cent. If this increase relates to a few months, the total increase for a full year may well be $1.2 million or even $ 1.6 million dollars extra.
To make this worse, other associated expenditure may well bring the total to $2 million or even $3 million. And invariably there will be additional costs because such additions never happen in isolation. Please note: This is extra to the existing!
I find the magnitude of this staggering extravaganza mindboggling and it appears that there is no end to the use of taxpayer money to add millions to the already bloated payroll. In addition, this documentation mentioned a substantial increase in staffing numbers for the office of the CEO, adding even more to the already sky high and ever increasing salary and wages costs. Please, the Office of the CEO! What a council!
In her weekly column, the Mayor states emphatically that the council is committed to transparent reporting and accountability to the community.
I am glad to read it and in accordance with that assurance I hereby – again – request employee establishment documentation (‘employee’ includes relevant contract labour) and also full details of all council vehicles in operation. On display is now an interesting test of integrity for all to see.
Gus Blaauw, Venus Bay.