VICROADS officers will be inspecting trucks for roadworthiness in the South Gippsland area this week.
The operation will take place over five days in various locations.
The operation will target unroadworthy vehicles and those that don’t comply with road safety regulations.
The inspection campaign is one of a series across the state in 2015.
VicRoads Regulatory Services Director Eric Henderson said with Victoria’s roads being a shared community asset, all road users have a responsibility to ensure their safety.
“Part of making sure our roads are safe for all users is making sure that all vehicles meet legal requirements,” Mr Henderson said.
“Truck drivers and the owners of heavy vehicles in particular have an obligation to ensure they are safe. Too much is at risk if they are not.
“If heavy vehicles have inadequate brakes, are overloaded or drivers are working excessive hours – as well as other potential problems – you’re putting other road users, yourself, your family and livelihood at risk.”
Mr Henderson said road transport was a vital part of Victoria’s economy, and ensuring heavy vehicles of all types are safe is vital to community safety.
He said the operation coincided with VicRoads Travel Happy – Share the Road campaign ( which encourages greater respect on the road.
“Trucks and other road users must give each other space and consider how their actions affect other road users.
“Trucks’ blind spots make cars and motorbikes invisible to the driver, so if you can’t see the driver in the mirror, they can’t see you. Trucks also need significantly more time to stop than other road users, so if you’re passing one we ask that you don’t cut the gap that they need in order to stop safely.
“Alternatively, truck drivers can make life easier for other road users by taking care not to tailgate which can be intimidating.
“As professional drivers, they know they need to drive in a way that does not put others at risk.
“Above all, no matter what mode of transport you are using take care and think about how your driving or riding affects others.”