A Mega-Tip is not wanted anywhere.
If one was planned for Jolimont or St Kilda, rather than South Leongatha, the entire state would be galvanised into action.
Instead of trying to impose one anywhere the State Government should kick start the Zero Waste Management Strategy.
The need for yet another tip could be eliminated by reducing the amount of waste generated in Melbourne.
Sustainability Victoria is about to create a five year plan for the oversight of Victoria’s waste.
A well-funded study could come up with fresh initiatives to encourage reduction of packaging, re-use and re-cycling of materials to further reduce the amount of waste.
A large part of landfill is rubble and building material from Melbourne construction sites.
If waste reduction was promoted as vehemently as water saving measures during drought, drastic reductions in the amount of rubbish could be achieved.
This would be a much better use of our tax money than belligerently defending the imposition of a tip, in and out of the courts.
It could unite, rather than divide, the people of Victoria and might actually set a precedent for the rest of the country to emulate.
There has to be a more mature outcome than just another landfill in some else’s backyard.
The desal plant is a good example of lost opportunity caused by a Government that wouldn’t listen to it’s people.
Engaging the people of Melbourne is an important step forward.
Geoff Ellis, Wattle Bank