By King George


Wonthaggi Angling Club’s newly crowned King of the Tambo Greg Beaumont with Queen of the Tambo Jan Beaumont, Princess TahLia Sharples and Prince Harry Howell.

Wonthaggi Angling Club’s newly crowned King of the Tambo Greg Beaumont with Queen of the Tambo Jan Beaumont, Princess TahLia Sharples and Prince Harry Howell.

THROUGH the week there have been good reports of snapper being caught along the southern coastline which is great news.
The snapper have been to the 10kg mark and mixed in with them have been quality gummy sharks as well as flathead.
The fish have been biting on both tides, which indicate that we might be in for a better season this year.
There have been numerous reports of snapper being caught in Westernport Bay, which is great news.
Keen young angler Tom Humphris from Wonthaggi loves to go out on the water with dad Luke whenever the opportunity arises.
On a recent trip to a favourite spot they managed a very impressive bag of big red snapper.
Of course young Tom caught the biggest that weighed in at 7kg and they returned back to the boat ramp being very happy with their fish.
Naturally Tom had bragging rights and something to tell the kids at school.

Wonthaggi Angling Club: The club held the second of its two trips to the Tambo River over the weekend where there were 30 entrants who fished in fine conditions.
The King of the Tambo River was Greg Beaumont with a bag of 7.275kg and Jan Beaumont was Queen of the Tambo with a bag of 2.640kgs.
Prince of the Tambo was Harry Howell with a bag of 3.15kg and Tahlia Sharples was Princess of the Tambo with a bag of 1.295kg.
The heaviest fish in the senior male section was won by Greg Beaumont with a 1.430kg bream and Jan Beaumont won the heaviest for the senior ladies being a 610gm bream.
The junior male section was won by Harry Howell with a 385gm bream.
Tahlia Sharples won the heaviest bream (875gm) for the junior female section.
The team’s event was won by Ross Gray, Sean Thompson and Sophia Allan with a bag of 9.875kg.
President Steve Howell congratulated the winners as well as all those members and friends who made the effort to attend and hoped that the next competition will be just as successful.

Inverloch: There have been positive reports from outside the entrance where good size gummies have been making up bags.
They have been caught on a variety of presentations such as pilchards, squid and fresh fillets.
Quality snapper to the 7kg mark are also making the effort worthwhile.
Mahers Landing has been very popular with boaters and land-based anglers keen to try their luck.
Boaters have been having most success on the run off tide where there has been a variety of fish that include silvers, mullet, flathead and for those who know where to look, perch that have been taking a variety of lures including soft plastics and baits such as Bass yabbies, pipis and sand worms.
The jetty at Mahers Landing has been steady and best results have been on the run in tide when this coincides at darkness.
This is when the fish will move in closer under the cover of darkness.
Pensioners Corner has also been very popular with locals and visitors who have been having varying degrees of success.
The successful ones have been bagging salmon, silvers and flathead in reasonable numbers where best results have been at low water on both sides of the tides.

Shallow Inlet: Karen and Andrew Starrett, who run the local caravan park, say the fishing is going along very well with a good variety of fish being caught.
Over the weekend she says that one party that had a great time and finished up with fish such as gummy sharks, snapper, flathead, mullet and silvers that made up very impressive bags.
Karen says the fish were caught on a variety of baits and no doubt the good results will continue.
She says the fish are being caught on both sides of the tides and that a trip to the area would be well worthwhile.
Karen says they have just about all the varieties of baits that will do the job.
For the benefit of those not familiar with this area, there is no constructed boat ramp but boats can be launched off the firm sand; just be careful as there are some soft patches and if not sure just ask at the park where you will be pointed in the right direction.

Port Welshpool: Through the week there had been very good conditions but according to information from the boat storage there had only been a sprinkling of snapper and gummies.
No doubt the fish are around but maybe they are just a bit on the shy side for some reason.
There have been quite a few land-based anglers trying their luck off the jetty where best results have been on the run in tide at the eastern end of the structure.
There has been interesting results with mullet, silvers, flathead and squid among the fish that are making up bags and it doesn’t seem to matter what types of natural baits are being presented.

Lakes Entrance: The town jetties are producing a mixed bag of fish including trevally up to 1kg and mullet.
King George whiting are still around Nungurner Jetty area and the Barrier Jetty, taking live sand worm.
Offshore, for pinkies, and rubber lipped morwong.
There are plenty of good sized gummies in close to the beach, especially on a full moon.
Best bait pilchards and squid.

Lake Tyres: From the island and powerlines heading up to Nowa Nowa and around the caravan park for bream taking prawn.
With all the rain it will bring the fish back down past Cameron and towards Trident Arm.
Some flathead around the shallows.
Surf has salmon at the Bluff, taking pilchard and poppers. Also give lures a go.

Mitchell River: The Grassy Bank, The Cut and Two Bells are producing bream. Bait of choice being spider crab and prawn.
Highway bridge for perch on plastics and hard body lures.

Tambo River: From the mouth of the river, Clues Bluff, along the rough road and up to Sardine Flats for bream. Bait of choice being sand worm and shrimp.

Nicholson: From Thumb Point towards the swimming hole, up to the railway bridge for bream. Preferred baits being peeled prawn and worm.

Metung: Nungurner Jetty and Bell Point area, have King George whiting taking worm.
Try Bancroft Bay, Boxes Creek and the rock wall at Metung for bream, trevally and mullet.

Paynesville: Try local town jetties, boat ramps, the Straits and into Lake King for bream and mullet taking worm and prawn. Plenty of school prawns are about.
Surf beach is producing salmon, trevally and tailor on pilchard and popper. Gummies on fish fillet and squid on full moon.

Hollands Landing: Storm and Cameron Point for bream and mullet.
Jones Bay, Griffin Point and Seacombe Landing for mulloway at night on tailor and mullet fillets.

Marlo: Fishing has been good from the highway bridge down toward the Narrows. Plenty of mullet, bream, perch, salmon and tailor, biting on sandworm and crab.
Surf for salmon and tailor.
Offshore for shark and flathead.

Bemm River: The river and the lake are fishing well, with bream taking prawn.
Flathead in the shallows, taking vibes and soft plastics.
Salmon are at the surf beach with best results using poppers and pilchard.
The entrance is still open.

Tamboon: Pelican, Old Man Points and down to the shallow lagoon for bream, flathead and mullet on prawn and worm.
Rock groynes for luderick as well.
Surf for salmon on pilchard and poppers.

Mallacoota: Offshore for King Fish taking lures.
Surf beach for salmon taking laser lures.
Fisheries jetty have luderick on local weed.
Flathead are cruising around Rabbit Island, taking paddle tail soft plastics.
The Top Lake for bream on bass yabbies.

Omeo High Country: The Mitta Mitta and Victoria Rivers have nice sized trout around 1kg.
Best results using worm and grubs.
With the recent rains also try lures.
Some fish have been taking flying ants and insects as well. Try ‘insect patience’ when fly fishing.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

James caught a very good quality gummy offshore during the week; it was estimated to be about 25 to 30kg. After a few photos the gummy was returned to the water.

James caught a very good quality gummy offshore during the week; it was estimated to be about 25 to 30kg. After a few photos the gummy was returned to the water.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

Mitch fished with Vince on Saturday morning and managed a few quality snapper.

Mitch fished with Vince on Saturday morning and managed a few quality snapper.

SNAPPER went off as they say during the week and it was nothing to bag out within one hour of dropping the anchor.
Most of the snapper were shallow and were caught in the evening about an hour before the tide up to the tide change.
Reports from Saturday and Sunday were not quite as good as the few nights before and those who caught them over the weekend or anytime during the day managed only one or two.
We had snapper reported from around the 9kg mark down to undersized pinkies from most corners of the bay but the majority of reports from The Corals.
Those fishing the evenings during the week said that you could only use one rod each because as soon as it hit the bottom you were on with another fish.
I even had one customer tell me that they were untangling a couple of lines and had taken sinkers off and the pilchard was floating on top behind the boat when it got hit by a very respectable snapper.
Although the bite was shallow we still had some good reports from those fishing in the deeper channels especially if they were fishing all night and still as far up as Lang Lang.
Pilchards and squid accounted for most of the reports but saurys and fresh yakka, couta or salmon fillet also worked.
Offshore and landbased snapper reports were opposite the bay and we had one report of a pinkie offshore and one snapper of 4kg from Cowes Jetty.
There were also plenty of customers that came back with nothing but that is just fishing and you’re probably doing nothing wrong, it just wasn’t your lucky day.
If you aren’t having much luck drop into the shop and we will help you out with the best spot to try and bring one of your rods in with the setup you are using and we will have a look at that as well.
Don’t become too disheartened with reading or hearing about those who are catching plenty because the same people don’t always catch fish and have plenty of zero days as well.
The promising thing from the weekend’s reports was the number of whiting caught and although the leatherjackets are still there, they don’t seem to be as thick.
The quality of the whiting was good and even the shorter in length were still very thick in the body.
However, I did get some reports of those summer pencil whiting.
Customers told me that they seemed to be very timid and long shank hooks worked better as you needed to hook most of them.
The slightly deeper water was better than the shallow water and you often caught pinkies as a by-catch.
Reef Island and Dickies Bay were the best areas on our side of the bay but Cowes/Ventnor and Tortoisehead were more consistent with better quality numbers.
Several reports came from Cleeland Bight but not many numbers of fish each and the reports came mainly from those chasing snapper.
From reports that come in we are starting to find people using other baits for their whiting now and a large number of the reports come from those who use pilchard fillet and fresh calamari.
In the boats there were plenty of calamari from Cleeland Bight and Reef Island over the last week although the weekend was a bit slower because with so many boats there you couldn’t drift so you had to get them to come to you.
Sizes were very mixed and some we say would have given 3kg a nudge while others would barely have moved the scales.
From the reports the boats caught most of their calamari on artificial jigs, colours? Most of them.
We had some good reports from Cowes and Ventnor as well but the majority of them caught on baited jigs by whiting fishermen.
The jetty at San Remo has been consistent and time will see you catch a good feed and plenty for bait, a mixture of artificial and baited jigs.
The other reports of Calamari came from Cowes Jetty and the beaches at Ventnor and Woolamai although Woolamai was very patchy.

Our guess the weight competitions start on Facebook (search Jim’s Bait and Tackle) next weekend – almost $400 of prizes are up for grabs.
The shop hours will be extended as well over the cup weekend; 6am on all four days.