So Veolia “experts” consider that an alternative traffic route to the proposed dump site could be turning right at Fishers timberyard on the South Gippsland Highway and travelling along the Korumburra South Road to Hillgroves Road.
These “experts” state that any potential problems with this alternative route can be easily dealt with.
Such a statement is complete and utter nonsense and reveals an appalling lack of road safety awareness.
As a regular user of this road and as a former CRB engineer, I know that the right turn at Fishers from the highway is a high hazard point.
Because of the bend preceding this intersection as you approach from Leongatha towards Korumburra, there is minimal sight distance and vehicles travelling at 100km/h give turning cars a limited time to make the turn into the Korumburra South Road across fast moving oncoming traffic.
B-Doubles or similar going to the dump site and trying to make this turn on a regular basis are simply going to be an accident in the making.
This high risk turning manoeuvre using long, slow moving trucks could only be fixed by a major highway re-alignment or by a major upgrade of the intersection and putting traffic lights on the highway to allow the trucks to turn safely.
Then, having negotiated this high risk turn, trucks would have to pass along a very windy and narrow road before descending steeply down the Korumburra South Road to Hillgroves Road.
Woe betide anybody trying to come out of Andersons Road at the bottom of the steep descent as the trucks whistle by to Hillgroves Road.
At Hillgroves Road, the trucks have to make a sharp left turn into the unsealed Hillgroves Road.
Both Hillgroves Road and Andersons Road have very poor sight distance visibility onto the Korumburra South Road and there would have to be major tree removal at both of these points to improve sight distance safety.
Hillgroves Road would also have to be improved significantly to safely take the large truck traffic.
The narrow windy portion of the Korumburra South Road before the steep descent is such that we are frequently forced off to the left side of the road as semi-trailers and trucks that currently use this road pass over the road centreline as they negotiate the bends.
Putting a large number of articulated trucks on this road every day is clearly going to result in some very nasty accidents and side-swiping. There is no easy or cost-effective way to address the poor road alignment with limited sight distance around the bends over this windy section of the Korumburra South Road due to the steep terrain.
So, here we have Veolia’s road “experts” saying that the above route is a viable alternative route to reach the dump site.
These people have absolutely no idea of road safety or road engineering and Veolia are being very poorly advised by these pseudo “experts”.
If a similar level of “expertise” is being applied to other truck route alternatives or other important matters associated with Veolia’s dump site proposal, then we have much to be concerned about.
Peter McDonald, Korumburra South.