In a similar vein to Tom Murray-White’s letter of October 6, on Friday evening (October 9) I was witness to a wonderful product of leadership by South Coast youth.
Our community readily and appropriately recognises the value of sport in the positive development of young people.
Other communities equally recognise the value of the arts in doing so. Not just encouraging people under 25 to participate in the creation of art (whether 2D or 3D or performing arts), other communities actively find resources and provide opportunities for these talents to be shown, and grown.
In South Coast, a group of young folk have formed a group called ‘For Human Culture’ (FHC).
They have been running a website dedicated to showcasing and reviewing live music by young people in the region for some time.
Throughout 2015 they have also been setting up and running their first art awards and exhibition project.
On Friday evening, the 25 or so shortlisted artworks were exhibited, and prizes awarded.
Prizes included five free entries into ArtSpace Wonthaggi’s Winter Solstice Art Show, and two artists each were awarded a four week free ArtSpace Wonthaggi exhibition.
Money prizes were judged and awarded by the FHC team, including $450 to the ‘Young Master’s Apprentice Award’ (10 to 17 years old) and $450 to the ‘Master’s Apprentice Award’ (18 to 25 years old).
The ‘Goods Shed’ – normally the purview of more sedate activity by the Bass Coast Artists Society, became the home for this wonderful vibrant event, which included astounding local young musicians Kate Facey and The Rubric Duo.
Alcohol, smoking and drug free, the event was cultured, youthful, family friendly and alive. What an act of leadership, FHC.
Congratulations to you all.
Next year they will need others to help lighten the load with funding and running the event as they move on to university etc, but they have shown us what can and needs to be done, and will help our next group of young leaders learn the ropes.
The challenge is up to us all; art appreciators, young artists, older mentor and other artists. The bar has been set. Way to go!
Anyone interested in being part of the Masters to Apprentices’ youth art gig for 2016, please email to connect, check them out at or check out their Facebook page at
Karen V Sandon, ArtSpace Wonthaggi.