I wish to comment on John Zukula’s letter referring ‘Wind farm health concerns’.
I live in the shadow of the Bald Hills Wind Farm, with the nearest turbine 1km from our residence and a number of turbines 2 or 3km away, all on neighbouring properties.
The statement “produces horrendous industrial noise” is not accurate – it is not even a bending of the truth, but a fabrication.
Some days we do hear the turbines operating, depending on the wind direction. It is a low grade noise, rarely can it be heard inside and certainly not over radio or television or even normal conversation.
There is a recording station on our property, been there about six months with another six months to go.
The only industrial noises which will be recorded are the times when my husband has driven passed with the tractor or mowed the grass in the area.
Although the official opening of the Bald Hills Wind Farm was quite recent, the turbines have been erected and operational since last year. My husband and I are not ill, no headaches or elevated blood pressure due to the turbines. We sleep very well.
The animals around us are not sterile, the koalas are still in the trees, the television reception is awful – but that is all over as the Sentinel-Times can attest.
I would like to point out it was the previous Liberal Government who rejected the appeal and allowed the Bald Hills Wind Farm to operate as it is currently, even though one turbine is sited 250 metres off the original approved plan.
I am very happy to have wind turbines in my backyard, so to speak, when I look out my window and see these beautiful, grand structures peeping out of the fog and mist or take on a pink transformation at sunset.
Rae Jarrett, Tarwin Lower.