It is universally accepted that people in senior positions of management and authority do not appoint family or friends to the company or organisation they control.
There is a term which is widely known to describe this outcome which is ‘Jobs for mates’.
The latest senior executive position to be filled at the Bass Coast Shire Council is widely seen as a blatant example of jobs for mates.
Within the past two years, six of the most senior appointments in the management team at Bass Coast have all come from the Latrobe City Council where five of them have all worked in the past with the now CEO of the Bass Coast Shire Paul Buckley.
I cannot recall seeing a worse example of poor governance in local government.
We are not talking about low or mid ranking salaries here.
The cost of each of these people range between $3000 and $5000 per week.
The average worker and ratepayer can only dream of salaries such as these people earn.
The current councillors are directly responsible for this outcome.
They appointed Paul Buckley and he is directly accountable to them.
When Mr Buckley was first appointed to the position of CEO of the Bass Coast Shire Council, I was contacted by many people from his former place of employment, the City of Latrobe.
I was given eight names of people who he worked with at Latrobe and was told he would move to bring most, if not all of them, to Bass Coast. However, I didn’t really believe it.
Five of these people now work with him at Bass Coast and the names of the remaining three people I was given I have now provided to others so that future appointments can be monitored.
With the salaries, cars and other benefits the ratepayers of Bass Coast are footing the bill for, they can rightly expect that the very best people will be appointed to these most senior positions.
It defies all logic and beggars belief that it is being claimed that in five cases in the appointment of the most senior positions, the very best available all worked with Paul Buckley at some time in the past at Latrobe.
I know it for fact that many existing staff at Bass Coast are enraged that their own well qualified and experienced workmates are continuously overlooked for these appointments.
The CEO is to appoint two more senior executives in the next few weeks and his appointments will no doubt be closely monitored.
No wonder the present council is known as our worst ever and last week yet another example of unacceptable waste was raised to my attention.
On Friday, November 6 (this Friday), outgoing Mayor Kimberly Brown is having a ratepayer funded outgoing party. All food and drink provided. This is outrageous. Each year there is a Mayoral Ball held which provides the current Mayor the opportunity to address the community.
This is a gala event and this year provided the Mayor with the opportunity to thank citizens for their work and also to showcase herself and outline the work she was undertaking in her Mayoral year.
The Mayoral Ball is a good community event and I support it but to now follow it up with another function at the end of her term is absolutely not supportable.
There is no justification whatsoever. I am advised that a very large number of invitations were sent out and that many people have accepted to attend her function, so although the council will deny it, it will be held at considerable cost.
I have no problem if Kimberley Brown wishes to put on a costly party at which food and drink will be provided but she should foot the bill herself.
The ratepayers certainly should not have to pay for what is a totally unnecessary function which will be used for self-promotion purposes.
Alan Brown, Wattle Bank.