The Prime Minister has stated that this Government will go full term.
The major parties have endorsed candidates for the seat of McMillan.
Due to a deal between the Liberals and The Nationals, the people of McMillan won’t have the opportunity of a Nationals candidate running against the incumbent Federal Member.
So there are three people who could be our voice in Canberra in 2016.
Rather than the usual “meet the Candidate” night a week or two prior to the poll, this is a great opportunity to hold a series of town hall meetings so that these three candidates can explain their policies under broad headings such as employment and future development, agriculture, services and transport as well as changes to the tax structure.
For once, it would be nice to know what the candidates stand for across all the issues, and not have to form an opinion based on answers to half a dozen rushed questions or the obligatory footage of candidates pointing at pot holes on some distant road.
Timely, well-moderated, candidates debates would be a great way to inform the public about their vision for the future and their roadmap to get there.
There are plenty of communities that would be more than happy to host. The voters of McMillan deserve to be treated like adults. This is a great opportunity, let’s not waste it.
Geoff Ellis, Wattle Bank.