Bass Coast Shire Council (BCSC) is still harassing Sunset Strip property owners with more letters pushing its mostly unwanted Special Charge Scheme (SCS) for roads and drainage.
The latest letter from Cohen Van der Velde (Manager Infrastructure Delivery) says “approximately 20 members from the community” assisted in tweaking BCSC plans for the roads.
Meanwhile, the 163 recent questionnaire respondents who clearly stated they do not want to pay for the roads have been totally ignored again.
It’s a worry when so few turn up to a meeting that the head count is only an approximate.
No wonder the same people are telling us it’s going to cost approximately $14,000 per property when the BCSC website figures showed $7,406,400 for 346 properties.
You do the math!
While there is an invitation for anybody to attend the community meetings or fill in the online survey, it is really only the few in favour of BCSC plans who are welcomed.
The meetings and survey are designed only to endorse council plans with a minuscule tweaking here and there.
There is no provision for objection or alternative ideas such as the primer seal spray-on road surface program.
Ironically, this program has been recently used on Marlin, Beachcomber and Smiths Beach Roads in Smiths Beach.
We still have no reply from Paul Buckley (CEO) to an earlier request for access to a mail out to Sunset Strip property owners so alternative opinions and ideas can be canvassed and presented to balance the discussion in a democratic way.
We also sympathise with Stand Alone who had to wait four months for a reply on matters they raised with Local Government Minister Natalie Hutchins.
We also had to wait four months on two occasions for generic replies on matters important to us.
Clearly we are being governed on many levels by people who have no interest in what the community really want.
Sunset Strip Road Watch Collective, Sunset Strip.