IT was another great day at Leongatha Little Athletics on Saturday with 119 athletes and 206 Personal Bests recorded.
Personal bests were recorded by: Under 6 Girls: Imogen Cruickshank shotput; Lacy Fennell 70m; Mia Yates high jump.
Under 6 Boys: Flynn Edwards 100m,long jump; Cohen Harrison 70m,long jump; Frazer Livingstone 100m, 70m, long jump; Blake Sherar long jump, turbo javelin; Tyson Tumino 100m, long jump; Ryan Wight 100m, long jump.
Under 7 Girls: Madison Johnston 100m, high jump; Amelia Le Serve 100m; Tess Croatto 100m,70m; Georgia Hutchinson 100m, 70m; Daisy Soumilas high jump.
Under 7 Boys: Jacob Bolge 100m, 70m, long jump, Turbo Javelin; Jake Andronaco 100m, 70m, turbo javelin; Loki Heislers 100m,long jump; Aydan Walters 100m, 70m, turbo javelin; Eamon Reardon 100m, 70m, long jump, turbo javelin; Jackson Commadeur 100m, turbo javelin; Taj Grimley 70m; Zachary Sherar 70m, long jump, long jump; Noah McLennan long jump, 70m, turbo javelin; Lincoln Russell long jump.
Under 8 Girls: Audrey McGannon 100m, triple jump; Melisse Bath 100m; Alice Hutchinson 100m, 70m, discus, triple jump; Amber Rickard 70m, discus, triple jump; Casey Tumino discus, triple jump; Alyssa Edwards discus, triple jump; Tennessee Crimp triple jump.
Under 8 Boys: Jack McNaughton 400m, shotput, triple jump; Max Sheahan 400m; Jack Aeschlimann 400m, shotput, triple jump; Connor O’Loughlin 400m, triple jump; Angus Livingstone 400m; Jasper Shone 70m, shotput; Billy Horskins 70m, triple jump; Thomas Farbus triple jump.
Under 9 Girls: Phoebe Collins 100m, turbo javelin; Mackenna Whiteside 100m, 400m, long jump, turbo javelin; Emma Mark 100m, long jump; Lydia Giles 70m, long jump’ Hannah McKeown long jump.
Under 9 Boys: Reuben Gammon discus, triple jump,400m; Rylan Andronaco triple jump, 400m;Thomas Sherar high jump, 400m; Fletcher McLennan discus, high jump, 70m, triple jump; Campbell Reid Triple Jump; Rhett Collins triple jump.
Under 10 Girls: Isabella Grimley 100m, 70m, long jump; Madeline Herbert 100m, long jump turbo javelin; Paige Thompson 100m, 400m, long jump; Samantha Heislers 100m; Rose Hutchinson 100m, 70m, long jump; Sienna Cruickshank 70m, long jump, turbo javelin; Mia Burt 70m, long jump, turbo javelin; Stella McGannon turbo javelin.
Under 10 Boys: River Thomas 70m; Scott Mackie 800m, discus; High Livingstone discus; Xavier Bolge discus, high jump; James Heneghan high jump.
Under 11 Girls: Chloe Caithness 100m, 800m; Nevada Crimp 100m, 800m, triple jump; Kasey Sage 100m.
Under 11 Boys: Robbie Reardon 100m, 70m, javelin; Harrison Herbert 100m, 800m, javelin; Harrison Clark 100m; Mitchell Bath 100m; Eddie Colwill 100m, javelin; Oliver Buckley 100m, high jump; William Croatto 70m, high jump; Jacob McRae 800m, javelin.
Under 12 Girls: Molly Grimley 100m, 70m, 800m, javelin; Georgia Burns 100m; Alex Ritchie 100m, high jump, javelin; Rebecca McKeown 800m, javelin; Lily Caithness 800m, high jump; Bree-anna Roy high jump.
Under 12 Boys: Joshua Wight 100m, 800m, high jump, javelin; Joseph Soumilas 100m, 70m, 800m, javelin.
Under 13 Girls: Autumn Crimp 300m Hurdle; Merrin Giles 300m Hurdle, 70m, discus; Chloe Brown discus; Chelsea Allen long jump; Beth Drury long jump.
Under 13 Boys: Sullivan Herbert shotput.
Under 14 Girls: Erin Clark 300m Hurdle, shotput; Lettishia Hall 300m Hurdle, 70m, triple jump; Emily James 300m Hurdle, triple jump.
Under 14 Boys: Alfred Herbert shotput.
Under 15 Girls: Jemma Caithness 300m Hurdle, shotput, triple jump.
Under 15 Boys: Merlin Gammon 300m Hurdle, 70m, 800m.
Under 16 Girls: Nicola Allen 300m Hurdle, shotput, triple jump.
There are two weeks to go before the Christmas break-up meet on Saturday, December 19.
Quite a few Leongatha athletes are competing at the State Relay Championships – good luck!