Now that we are well into the third decade of privatisation of public assets, is anyone measuring the effectiveness of the outcomes?
In the light of the current Government’s plan to “contract out” disability services to the private sector can we have any confidence that the end result will be satisfactory to the clients and their families?
The Productivity Commission or a Royal Commission should be set the task of measuring the impact on consumers, clients and employees of Which Bank, The CES, TAFE, telephony, electricity suppliers and public transport since privatisation.
Then we, the voters, could make an informed decision about the merits of privatisation.
Anecdotally I suspect that the mandate would be removed if it was up to the clients.
All those privatisations have benefitted the community, haven’t they?
Seriously, how can de-facto privatisation of disability services bring anything other than more cost cutting and lowered expectations?
We can’t leave it up to a future Four Corners investigation to reveal where this one went off the rails.
Geoff Ellis, Wattlebank