Tarwin Valley would like to congratulate and draw our communities’ attention to a group of local producers who have been recognised nationally as ‘top thirty food producers in Australia’ by the Age Good Food Guide in their recent publication.
South Gippsland’s Tarwin Valley was the most well represented group of top Australians producers this year with five out of Australia’s top 30 producers coming from our region.
* Illan Goldman; Mirboo Pastured Poultry
* Wayne Cripps; Port Franklin Fresh Fish
* Bullfrog Gully Eggs Gormandale,
* Burke and Bronwyn Brandon; Prom Country Cheese Moyarra
* Glen Alvie’s Peter Cabassi Wagyu beef ($220kg)
We all know about the quality of our food, and now the rest of the nation is learning what we’ve always known.
We already have award-winning producers such as Bass Philip’s wines, Berry’s Creek Cheeses, amongst other awarded local producers of garlic and olive oil makers which all add to the trend of increasing numbers of recognised high quality producers from the Tarwin Valley area and surrounds.
We’re also attracting new producers of saffron and truffles, which shows that it is only limited by the imagination, hard work and perseverance of old and new members of our community.
These businesses are adding to the vibrancy and reputation of Southern Gippsland as producers of quality food and experiences as a tourist destination.
We all need to work together to build a compelling brand for Southern Gippsland and its distinctive districts so that we can offer our premium products and services and receive a fair price that reflects what we produce.
Dairy and beef are our well established industries; added to these are the increasing diversification of quality produce and services across the region which will all benefit from the reputation of a quality brand.
We should be getting a premium for our lamb, our beef and dairy products and in the modern environment a brand that helps communicate what we we’ve always known is essential.
Growing a brand like the Barossa’s, Margaret River’s or Yarra Valley takes time and perseverance, but it is worth the effort for us to all benefit in the long term.
The Tarwin Valley Development Group is committed to building a distinctive local brand and adding to the Southern Gippsland brand.
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Jeremy Rich, chairperson, Tarwin Valley Development Group.