I refer to the Phillip Island and San Remo Advertiser article ‘More problems in Settlement Road (December 2)and to Cr Crugnale’s response to Mr Schinkel’s query on what measures are in place to combat airborne particles (dust).
Cr Crugnale responded that “Mitigation actions included a direction that spreading additives should be avoided during very windy conditions; and the use of water carts was specified to suppress dust and additives”, which of course is a reasonable and appropriate measure to take and I’m sure was strictly adhered to, but yet impossible to completely eliminate all airborne dust.
Even with all the measures taken and traffic speeds controlled to a crawling pace through the road works, dust was still bad enough that teachers and children were complaining of the taste of dust in their mouths.
I now refer to the many requests to alleviate the dust problem on busy roads that once had a sealed surface and now have been returned to gravel.
Some of these roads which service popular beaches and are also used as scenic drives, are extremely busy in summer where the dust problem is most acute.
They do not have any mitigation action applied to them and do not have speed control measures to prevent the high speeds which is the major factor in creating dust.
I can assure you that the dust created by a vehicle travelling at any speed, let alone in excess of 50km/h on a windy hot day, is most unpleasant for residences and the constant stream of pedestrians that walk to the beach.
Apparently the dust created on these roads, which is much more severe than experienced on Settlement Road, must not have the same harmful effect as experienced by the teachers and children at Cowes.
The last plea to have something done by Mr Bob Hayes in question time to council on October 21 has again fallen on deaf ears and the usual standard glib answer was given.
In other words, council doesn’t consider the problem outside of Cowes to be serious enough to warrant any action no matter how severe and how long it continues, as opposed to the lesser, short term problem at Settlement Road.
I may be mistaken, but it appears that the health and wellbeing of residents outside of Cowes is measured at a lesser standard!
Is there a double standard at play?
Lou Pecora, Surf Beach.