The multiparty Victorian Inquiry into Unconventional Gas has just released its report.
This appears to favour further study, including a review into potential health impacts of coal seam gas and other types of mining.
If you Google Lakes Oil prospectus on the web it gives an interesting picture as to what is being communicated to their potential investors. Quote “Industry operating risks include the risk of fire, explosion, blowout, pipe failure, abnormally pressured formations and environmental hazards such as accidental spills and leakage of petroleum, gas leaks, ruptures or discharges of toxic gases, the occurrence of any of which could result in substantial losses to Lakes Oil due to injury or loss of life”.
Experience from interstate and overseas where the industry is much more advanced reinforces these concerns which are being raised by the mining industry itself. We should not risk it!
Burt Blackburne, Kongwak.