The South Gippsland Shire Council Annual Report 2014-15 has finally been published, and what a disaster I encounter.
This document is minimalistic where it really matters and much of it is waffle and spin, very much in character, really.
And no sign of even the slightest embarrassment or apology for the catastrophically high council rates forced on to the community.
With a satisfaction rating of 44 per cent, the ‘Responsible Persons’ can be truly ashamed of themselves.
The enormous number of managerial staff as detailed is unbelievable and this on top of millions of dollars already wasted on ‘restructure’ on top of an already bloated personnel establishment is a slap in the face of every ratepayer.
To manage just 19,341 rateable properties with nine councillors, 24 senior managerial staff and 265 FTE employees at a cost of $23.2 million in wages and salaries, an extra $387,000 in councillors’ costs plus further millions and millions of dollars in additional staffing costs such as training, motor vehicles, mobiles, fringe benefits taxes and other expenses, is insane.
A KPI of one fat cat for 586 ratepayers and a KPI of one employee for 70.5 ratepayers is totally unacceptable and must be rectified immediately.
An employee payroll cost KPI of $1220 for every ratepayer to carry is something I have never, ever seen before.
I just cannot understand that a rip off such as this is allowed to happen.
If that type of waste had happened in any company I have ever worked for (including the biggest mining company in the world), the responsible person(s) would not last more than an hour.
In future letters to the Editor, if allowed, I will detail some change management options and will outline some drastic alternatives which will provide for much better governance and most certainly for substantially lower rates.
To abrogate responsibility for the lowest satisfaction rating in Victoria and allow ridiculous fees for consultants to be wasted on a ‘community survey’ is what I regard as the depths of the cesspit and an insult to ratepayers.
With nine councillors and 24 ‘fat cats’ to publicly announce that consultants need to be employed at a reputed $300 per hour because there is no council staff available, surely hits the bottom of the cesspit. What a sad, sad thing for ratepayers to experience.
I have met some excellent people in the community able to contribute real governance, direction and management expertise and above all, common sense to this council and I call upon them to let it be known that they will stand for election as a councillor at the election in October 2016.
The gang of six must be dismissed and in the meantime I call on the three musketeers to stand up to be counted and let it be known that ratepayers must not be treated with contempt one moment longer.
Gus Blaauw, Venus Bay.