A CHANGE in Bass Coast Shire Council’s waste recycling contract has resulted in significant roster cuts and possible job losses at a local business, an affected employee claims.
The Sentinel-Times was contacted by an employee from a local recycling company who did not wish to be named.
He claimed a number of positions at the site – mostly those relating to the sorting table where recyclables are manually separated from other waste – were either being phased out or employees faced substantial cuts to their hours.
The business declined to comment when contacted.
Council’s general manager sustainable development and growth, Allison Jones, confirmed the changes will result in significant cost savings.
“In line with council’s Waste Management Strategy, council has been working with (the business) to explore options to increase our recycling rates and reduce waste to landfill,” Ms Jones explained.
“Currently, (the business) equipment for sorting recycling material collected from the kerbside does not have the ability to recover small pieces of glass, resulting in this material going to landfill.
“(The business) has organised for recycled materials collected to be transported to a Melbourne facility where the technology is at a standard to recover small pieces of glass for recycling.
“This will result in cost saving to council of over $70,000 per year, and reduce recycling contamination rates from over 20 per cent to less than eight per cent – making Bass Coast comparable to other councils.
“Currently during the peak summer months, collected recycle material is transported to a Melbourne facility when local capacity is limited.
“During the rest of the year, collected recycle material is sorted locally, then transported to Melbourne.
“This change has come about as part of the current waste services contract extension until September 2017 when council will be retendering its waste services contract in line with its procurement policies.”