The community has been presented with a development proposal for the Phillip Island airport (‘Airfield owners open bidding at 300 houses’, Bass Coast Post, 12/12/15) and I would like to bring attention to Bass Coast Shire Council plans and strategies that were developed with community consultation.
BCSC has developed and adopted the following:
• BCS Planning Scheme – preventing any additional expansion of Cape Woolamai;
• San Remo Newhaven and Cape Woolamai Structure plan – Cape Woolamai is defined by clear and identifiable boundaries;
• Township Character Study – Cape Woolamai has been identified as a low priority rated area for development, therefore no further character study is warranted.
The community has not embraced the proposed development for a range of reasons.
We have been told what the owners want on this land, not consulted.
There is no ‘bargain’ to be made as this parcel of land has not been identified in any scheme, study or BCSC plan as potential residential development.
So yes Cr Wright – we can say no to any development on this ‘crappy bit of farmland’ because we like our little piece of ‘Utopia’ just the way it is.
Nyree Davis, Cape Woolamai