MAKE no mistake. If it wasn’t for the prompt action of volunteer fire fighters and their supporters, plus the huge resources mobilised into action for our benefit, the Wonthaggi fire last Saturday could have been a major disaster.
Hopefully those people in the vicinity of the fire, and those in the possible path of the blaze, driven by those horrific winds, at Harmers Haven and Cape Paterson, will have taken it as a warning.
They’ll hopefully be having more regard for their fire evacuation plans from now on.
But what about the rest of us?
Have you really taken calls to ‘have your own fire plan’ seriously up until now?
Even if you live in a residential area, apparently remote from farm land, trees and coastal bush – you need a fire plan.
That plan simply needs to have decisions made on what you will do in the event of fire, where you will go and what you will take.
Everyone should have a draw in a filing cabinet or a box that carries your passport, important papers and photos; precious things that you’d want to take in the event of an evacuation decision.
The rest is just property that can be insured and replaced.
Which is another good reminder; are you sufficiently well insured for property and contents?
The words of wisdom we always hear from those who have experienced bush fire first hand is simply: “don’t be there”.
So plan to go and plan to go early.
Last weekend’s weather and the fires that were started, by whatever means, is an indication that the threat is a real one to us all – let’s all start to get serious about the potential impact of fire.
And thanks so much to the visiting fire fighters, in particular, who came to our aid; one crew even came across from Cockatoo! Words fail where the depth of our gratitude is concerned.