pool-openSOUTH Gippsland Shire Council say pool maintenance contractors have worked tirelessly to repair the floor of the Mirboo North Outdoor Pool, and it is now open again for swimming.
The pool was forced to close its gates last Monday after it was discovered the floor had started to lift.
Last Monday night the pool was drained, allowing contractors to inspect the section of the floor where there was a damaged pipe.
A 3m x 2m section of concrete above the filtered water return line had lifted between 20 – 60mm from the base of the pool floor.
Contractors have since repaired the damaged section of the pipe and pressure tested it, “the best they could,” according to a council spokesperson.
“From this it certainly appears that there was no further damage to any other section of pipe as it is all holding water,” council officer Danielle Thompson said.
Broken/blocked grates in the dive ditch area of the pool were replaced, a new concrete slab was sealed to the existing pool structure with all sharp edges feathered and the pool was cleaned out while the concrete cured.
Ms Thompson said the pool was now filled with water and is up and running, well in time for New Year’s Eve.

‘No impact’ on pool redevelopment

THE Friends of Mirboo North Pool committee say the recent flooring issues at the pool will not impact a proposed redevelopment of the facility.
Committee chairperson Fred Couper says the lifting of the section of concrete only further showed that the pool cover is still in good condition.
“In the proposed redevelopment, there were always plans to decommission those pipes,” Mr Couper said.
“If anything, this has just provided further evidence that the shell is in excellent condition and suitable for redevelopment.”
Mr Couper said it was said four to five years ago, that if something was to cause issues with the running of the pool, it would be the pipes.
“We are also delighted that the South Gippsland Shire Council has really pulled out all stops and responded swiftly to the issue.”