I have decided that I will no longer invest in the Bass Coast Shire.
The CEO earns a large sum of money and has just received a $20,000 pay increase.
I have been a small business owner in the shire for nearly 20 years, trying to earn a living, currently selling Christmas trees, and the shire takes my little Christmas tree sign down, which would only have been up for a couple of weeks.
Where do they think the money comes from for their seemingly excessive wages?
It comes from my till and others like me.
So from now on the CEO can contribute himself for the many local sponsorships and donations (schools, kinders, footy clubs, CFA, etc.) because it has become too hard.
I live next door to what could only be called a disgrace (old Anderson nursery).
Wouldn’t you think the shire could tidy up this gateway to Phillip Island?
No, too hard!
I wonder if the CEO knows where Anderson is.
They would rather pick on a little Christmas tree sign.
So good luck, Bass Coast Shire – last person out, turn off the lights.
Bob Dickson, Anderson Buckstop.