We are writing regarding the letter (‘Intersection a joke’, Sentinel-Times Letters, 15/12/2015 p22).
The writer needs to realise what a problem both of her ideas (‘no right hand turn’ signs at Korumburra and McKenzie street intersection; and pedestrian crossings in Graham Street) would have to the residents of Korumburra Road and Graham Street retailers.
We are residents of that area.
No right turn from McKenzie Street into Korumburra Road, what a joke, then no right hand turn Korumburra Road back into McKenzie Street; where are the traffic lights promised to us by our former Liberal Member of Parliament years ago or even a roundabout?
As for Graham Street can you imagine a heavy haulage truck trying to get through that area with traffic lights?
It would be a joke and traffic would be banked up for a long way, this would even happen with cars, as we have seen it in Cowes which is also part of Bass Coast Shire.
This is a selfish joke of one person’s view without road management qualifications or is she qualified?
With traffic lights this would help the visually impaired and disabled, who live in this area and there are quite a lot of us.
Peter and Sue Fitzgerald (both disabled), Wonthaggi