So, now it is official.
Reading the Herald Sun over my Sunday morning coffee I find that Bass Coast rates as the second worst council in Victoria in terms of satisfaction with its decision making and third worst for satisfaction with community consultation and engagement.
Our new Mayor trots out the same tired old lines about doing better, without giving any sign she has understood the problem.
Let’s make it simple. If you spend thousands of dollars of rate payers’ money on consultation, it’s a good idea if you take community views into account during decision making.
Passing secret motions that introduce measures that are almost diametrically opposed to community views does not count.
Worse, trying to justify unconscionable decisions by making laughable claims, such as “Inverloch beaches are busy from December 1” or “there are creatures on our beaches at risk of the smell of an on-leash dog”, just insults all of those who gave many hours of their time trying to work with the council.
The irony is that the actions of Mayor Crugnale and several of her colleagues to try and impose their personal views against the wishes of the vast majority of the community have almost certainly accomplished nothing, other than achieving the dubious honour of being considered one of the worst councils in the state.
Council’s own legal advice strongly suggests its failure to follow due process brings into question whether regulations passed in such a manner are enforceable.
Roll on the next council election!
Keith Finney, Inverloch.