Can someone please explain to me what our Mayor is on about or better still can someone please explain to the Mayor what her weekly message is supposed to represent.
As far as I and the many residents I have spoken to are concerned the Mayor’s message in the local weekly newsprint is an opportunity for her to advise residents what Bass Coast Shire Council are presently doing, what they have already done (if anything) and what their future programs are regardless of whether the residents are in agreement or not.
They are items concerning Bass Coast, which every resident has a right to know about they are not an opportunity for a lot of waffle about global matters.
Her message (Sentinel-Times 22/12/15 p6) did not provide one scrap of information about Bass Coast Shire Council.
When we want to know what is happening globally we can read about it in the major newspapers or by watching TV etc.
Surely this council has enough to concern itself with locally without worrying about international events.
The Mayor should remember she is the Mayor of Bass Coast she is not the Mayor of some overseas country (or not at the moment anyway) nor is she a Foreign Correspondent so what is going on?
Previous Mayors have always used their allocated space to provide news on local matters not always matters that everyone agreed with, but they were local matters which is as it should be.
Let’s get back to reality.
Ivan Hipworth, Inverloch