NEWHAVEN College graduate Morgan Roney has her heart set on a career in medicine after achieving the highest ATAR score in South Gippsland.
The 18 year-old was very chirpy indeed yesterday after an early morning text message confirmed her astounding score of 99.4.
“I was extremely happy – it was above what I expected,” she beamed.
Morgan achieved two perfect scores of 50 in Biology and Outdoor/Environment Studies in 2014, followed by a 48 in Physics this year.
A keen hiker, she just returned from New Zealand where she’d been trekking for a few weeks.
Yesterday, after sharing the exciting news with her family, Morgan enjoyed a celebratory breakfast at RACV Inverloch Resort with her mother and sister before helping out with gardening duties at a grandparent’s house.
She plans on enjoying her summer having fun with friends at the beach and working her part-time job at Ritchie’s IGA in Wonthaggi.
And for those looking at the beginning of their Year 12 journey after the summer break, Morgan has some sage advice.
“The main thing is to keep up with everything and try not to fall behind,” she said.
“And practice exams are always really helpful.”
Several other Newhaven students also did exceptionally well.
Jonathan Bulbulian from Wattle Bank scored 98.9 – “slightly higher” than he expected.
“The site was down so I couldn’t get the score for about 40 minutes,” he laughed.
“But I’m happy with it.”
Jonathan excelled with a raw score of 42 in Specialist Maths and 49 in Physics.
He hopes to study Commerce and Science as a double degree at Monash next year.
Another student, Emily Anthony, could barely sleep as she awaited her result.
“I was up until 3am because I was so nervous,” she said.
“I got 91.4 and I’m really happy with it.”
Emily hopes to embark on an undergraduate Arts degree.
Newhaven College principal Gea Lovell said it’s important for students to remember that “the number they receive does not define who they are”.
“We are very proud of all of our students, whose effort and determination earned them success,” she said.
“We celebrate the achievement of all those who have excelled, especially those who exceeded their own personal expectations.
Close to 10 per cent of Newhaven students scored an ATAR above 90.
“We are also incredibly proud of all of the students whose stories we cannot publish,” she continued.
“These are the students who thought that the VCE was beyond them, and for a few, this was a certificate with no numbers attached.
“The success for them was in the completion of their year, and the gaining of their VCE, and we are thrilled that they achieved this goal.
“I am very thankful to the many in our school community for the help they gave to those who required special support, so that they could gain this significant milestone.”

KORUMBURRA Secondary College principal Abigail Graham says the school could “not be prouder” of the Year 12 results which were released yesterday.
“Our students have shown resilience, respect, lifelong learning and a strong commitment to personal excellence all year and their perseverance has paid off in their results,” she said.
“As with the traditions of the school, our Dux will be announced on Tuesday night at our Awards Ceremony but we are very proud of this student who achieved an ATAR of over 93.”
Three other students scored over 80, while five students achieved over 40 study scores placing them in the top nine per cent of the state, with one student gaining an outstanding 45 in English placing her in the top two per cent of the state.
“Our students have shone across the board – not just in traditional English, Maths and Science, but a 41 in Food Technology, a 43 in Visual Communications and a fantastic 42 in Product Design and Technology,” Ms Graham said.
“Whilst we are so proud of our students, we are also mindful that an ATAR is not a measure of a students’ ability to be respectful, kind, loving, a good friend or successful for that matter.
“We knew that our students were all successful before these results came out and they remain so because they have the qualities that our community values.
“That is to be active citizens, enjoy positive relationships and create happiness in their lives and those around them. Well done KSC Class of 2015.”

MARY MacKillop’s Sarah McCahon has topped the school with an impressive ATAR of 98.1 following the release of the scores yesterday.
College principal David Leslie said the school “is absolutely delighted” with the results the students have achieved this year.
“Mary MacKillop College is very pleased and proud of our VCE results,” he said.
“The class of 2015 has done very well.
“Most are likely to gain entry to their first preference for university. There are lots of excited students and happy families today. We are proud of them all.”
Mr Leslie said after receiving her score of 98.1, Sarah will now consider all her options, with the aim of studying something in the medical field.
Other high achievers included, runner-up Nicholas Argento who gained a score of 94.3.
“Nicholas comes from a high-achieving family. He is pleased to have done as well as his older siblings. He intends to study Engineering at Monash.
Molly Barry finished with an ATAR of 93.1. The successful horse rider is very excited with her results according to Mr Leslie. She intends to join the Advanced Science – Global Challenge program at Monash University.
Sophie McKenzie–McHarg also scored in the top four with, 90.25. Sophie was vice captain this year.
“Her result should see her clearly in to her first preference, The University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Arts. She hopes to take advantage of Melbourne’s global outreach and complete some of her studies overseas,” Mr Leslie said.


South Gippsland Secondary College student Chloe Wood is congratulated by Year 12 coordinator Julie Jones and principal Matt McPhee. Chloe achieved an ATAR score of 98.45, and perfect scores of 50 in both English and English Literature.

South Gippsland Secondary College student Chloe Wood is congratulated by Year 12 coordinator Julie Jones and principal Matt McPhee. Chloe achieved an ATAR score of 98.45, and perfect scores of 50 in both English and English Literature.

A DEDICATED study centre for students has paid dividends for South Gippsland Secondary College.
Principal Matt McPhee was thrilled with results filtering through yesterday, which included an ATAR of 98.45 for Chloe Wood and 95.5 for Emma Fletcher.
“We’ve had some outstanding results and I think very few kids will be disappointed,” he said.
“Career counsellors have already informed me that every student has a score which will keep the pathway they had in mind open to them.
“We made quite a lot of changes to the way we supervise and monitor our VCE students, and one of those was our dedicated study centre.
“This was a place students were expected to go if they didn’t have a class.
“It’s a bit like a library in that it’s nice and quiet and teachers were available for one-on-one time.
“We feel this has really paid off this year.”
WONTHAGGI Secondary College dux Molly Cargill had to put her 18th birthday celebrations on hold in November.
“My birthday was right in the middle of exams, so I had to hold off celebrating for a few weeks,” the 18 year old laughed.
The extra focus on the task at hand, however, was well worth it.
She awoke yesterday to an ATAR of 98.3.
“I was surprised it was that high,” she admitted
“I was aiming for anything over 94 because that’s what I needed to get into the course I want.”
Molly will embark on both a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Monash next year.
For now, she plans on relaxing over summer whilst working at the Wonthaggi Amcal pharmacy as she saves for a car.
Wonthaggi Secondary College acting campus principal Phil Hughes said the school enjoyed a fantastic 97 per cent pass rate this year.
“We also had a class of senior VCAL students who were successful in setting themselves up for apprenticeships and further employment,” he added.
“A vast majority of students are on track to being able to fulfil the goals and pathways they set for themselves.
“There are too many individual achievements to mention, but lots of students worked really hard and diligently to get the rewards they deserve.”
School presentations for Wonthaggi SC are set to take place tomorrow (Wednesday).

TAYLAH Darmanin is Leongatha Secondary College’s VCE Dux for 2016 with an incredible ATAR score of 97.6.
Taylah found out about her score while overseas in Indonesia.
She is in-country as part of a language program.
School principal Wayne Chester said it was a well-deserved result.
“Taylah has been well organised and determined all year and has received a well-deserved reward for effort,” he said.
Mr Chester was proud to also report an increase in individual study scores above 40 across the VCE cohort.
“We also have a pleasing number of students who achieved ATAR scores above 70, which is very positive as it leaves a lot of doors open for our students for their preferences and further study.”

MIRBOO North Secondary College was contacted for a statement on their VCE results but the Sentinel-Times’ calls were not returned.
Mirboo North Secondary College’s presentation night is tomorrow, December 16.