By King George

Rohan McRae looks happy with this 45cm whiting which won him the senior male section of the Wonthaggi Angling Club Christmas competition.

Rohan McRae looks happy with this 45cm whiting which won him the senior male section of the Wonthaggi Angling Club Christmas competition.

THE sudden heat wave has taken many by surprise but there has also been quite a few positive reports which has been encouraging.

Surf: There haven’t been any reports from the surf at the time of this report. Of course that doesn’t mean that it is not worth the effort, far from it as Williamson’s, Kilcunda and Harmers Haven beaches would be worth wetting a line where fish such as salmon, Tommy roughs, mullet, whiting pinkies and gummies are among a fine variety that would no doubt be on offer. Baits such as whitebait, pilchards, and salted pipis squid would be recommended.

Wonthaggi Angling Club: The club held its monthly competition last Sunday in hot but very blustery conditions which tested out both boaters and landbased anglers.
There were 9 fish weighed in with the senior male section winner being Rohan Mc Rae with a very nice 595 gm whiting for 3332 points. The junior male winner was Jack Howell with a 490 flathead for 735 points. The senior female winner was Anne Poulton with a 525 bream for 1312 points. There was no junior female and the veteran’s section winner was Alan Bentick with a 610 gm whiting for 3416 points.
The weigh in attracted well over 100 participants, members and visitors who were welcomed by President Steve Howell.
He thanked everyone for making the effort to attend. He also thanked those wonderful sponsors who have been so supportive over the past 12 months.
The President thanked everyone who donated prized for the Christmas raffles, which was so much appreciated by those present. He thanked Peter Clarke who did such a great job in obtaining raffle prizes. He thanked the committee members for their support in presenting this weigh in. He said that there were too many people to thank individually and didn’t want to do so in case he missed someone. Santa Clause made an appearance and handed out bags of goodies to the kids as well as the older kids. At the completion he received a wish list from them and as he waved good-bye to everybody, said that he will see them all again in 12 months’ time to do it all again.

Inverloch: Outside the inlet has been very productive where boaters have had to battle with the elements. The hot north wind has been challenging but boaters have been doing fairly well in spite of this. Whiting have been to the 45cm mark along with good size flathead and plenty of quid are making a visit to the area well worthwhile. The fish have been biting on both tides with a variety of baits such as Bass yabbies, pipis and squid among the best of the baits.
Inside the entrance whiting and squid have been caught just inside the entrance and land-based anglers have been happy with their bags that have consisted of whiting, reasonable size gummies, flathead and mullet. The jetty has been popular with land-based anglers and fortunately this week there have not been any reports of any accidents on the water. For the benefit of those boaters who are not familiar with this area, it is always worthwhile checking out the area at low tide. The reason being that the sand bars can quickly change locations with a big blow or a king tide which can be a trap for the unwary. Further up towards the area known as the bluff has also been productive with reasonable size whiting being bagged up as far as Maher’s Landing but there is also plenty of those mini flathead that are a real nuisance and nowhere near size. Near the “A” frame house there has been gummies, and whiting being caught on a variety of natural baits. Out from the jetty at Maher’s Landing there have been whiting, mullet and gummies being caught on baits such as pipis, Bass yabbies and white bait. Further up as far as the double islands there has been plenty of activity where a variety of fish such as mullet, silvers, coutta and flathead have been making up for quite reasonable bags. It is timely to mention that as the tide runs out the water becomes very shallow and boats can be caught in the mud, which can mean that there is a long wait before the incoming tide comes to the rescue. Land-based anglers have been doing reasonably well on both sides of the boat ramp where fish such as flathead, mullet, silvers and the occasional gummy will make the effort well worthwhile. The best time for gummies has been on the last of the run in tide and results are better still if this coincides with darkness when fish will move in closer looking for an easy meal.

Shallow Inlet: Over the weekend the weather was very hot but there were quite a few boaters trying their luck. As well as the temperature they had to put up with a strong north wind, which made things very tricky. Through all that there was a good variety of fish caught where whiting to the 45cm mark were taking baits such as pipis, Bass yabbies and squid. Some very good size flathead were also bagged on both sides of the tide and mixed in with them were quality gummies and snapper.

Port Welshpool: Information from the boat storage is that there have been good numbers of snapper being caught on a variety of baits. Rob Cartledge who is a local legend says that there been quite a few toothies making an appearance. He hooked into something big, very big and suspected a large school shark. After a long battle Rob said that he was winning the battle but the big fish was declared the winner when it broke free to swim and fight another day. There has been numerous reports of quality snapper being caught to the 9kg mark as well as gummies and quality flathead being landed on a variety of baits. The most productive areas have been at the entrance, Franklin and Doughboy Channels. From reports to King George the last two hours of the run in flow and first couple of hours on the run out appears to be the most productive time to wet a line. Further out wide there have been positive reports with king fish being bagged as well as salmon being caught on surface lures. The Lewis Channel has been probably the best area to wet a line as far as whiting have been concerned. The royals have been to the 37cm mark, which makes them worth the effort. Mixed in with them has been reasonable numbers of flathead, mullet and silvers. The jetties are also worth a look where mullet, garfish, squid and flathead have been making up worthwhile bags. For the benefit of visitors or those not familiar there is ample metered car parking and a well-sheltered ramp.

Port Albert: Belinda at the local General Store says that the fishing in this part of the world has been fairly consistent. She is a very keen fisher woman and says that her main aim is to catch a big snapper but through the week could only manage an undersized specimen, which she returned to the water. She did however catch some size flathead and whiting inside the entrance as well as a couple of very good size gummy sharks. There have been numerous reports of flathead, mullet, silvers and pinkies being bagged and outside the entrance good size gummies are in pleasing numbers. Rob Killury says that the scales he has for weighing fish have been getting a fair workout with snapper to the 6kg mark being caught as well as quality gummy sharks. Of course he also has a camera for bragging purposes and no doubt it will also be getting plenty of work as the season progresses.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

OVER the holiday period we will keep our Facebook page up to date with fishing reports as we get them and anything happening around the area.
Shop hours will be extended through the holiday period and we will closed Christmas Day re-open Boxing Day and every day at 6am until the end of January, possibly earlier on the better days.
If we are going to be open before 6am we will post it on Facebook.
For those new to the area and fishing in a boat on this side of Westernport we have printed out some sheets with a few GPS marks on to get you started just so just drop in and pick one up.
If you are landbased we can also point you in the right direction and show you on a map the best spots.

The threat of a hot summer definitely lived up to expectations this week especially over the weekend when I think it was even too hot for most to be fishing as well as Christmas only a few days away and things to get ready.
It may sound silly but one of the quickest places to become dehydrated is actually on the water and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that will go out for a day’s fishing without taking a drink, not the alcoholic type but just simply a bottle of water.

As is always for this time of the year the reports were down this week but the reports we did get were promising of things to come.
With many staying out of the sun or just busy, the boat ramp was very quiet and the jetties equally as quiet which was a surprise considering the perfect tide change for the calamari from San Remo. There were a few sitting on the beaches fishing while they took the family for a swim and had mixed results with nothing too outstanding.

There seems to be a bit of a second run of reasonable snapper at the moment and in the spots you would associate with early season snapper.
We had several reports from the same area around Spit Point and they were all very similar of fish around the 4kg to 5kg and plenty of them.
Snapper reports from other areas were few and far between and most not much better than pinkies, again there was only six boats out for the week fishing for them so very few reports would be expected.
Landbased again remains snapper less with many now given up and chasing other fish.

We saw some quality whiting during the week some as long as 48cm and 850 grams just not that many of them. The odd person had a good size bag but most only had a few and it seemed to be those with more fish had smaller ones.
The pattern for the week was reasonably simple below the bridge in the early morning, any bodies guess during the day and top end of the bay during the evening.
There is always an exception to the reports with the odd one caught off Ventnor or Cowes and a couple from some odd landbased locations in the evening.

The most pleasing reports this week were the numbers of flathead being caught offshore not only the numbers overall but the numbers of quality size tiger flathead amongst them.
Almost all the better reports came from inside the 30m line from the Cape to the Killy Bridge.
In the same areas there have been several reports of silver whiting but the numbers of arrow squid have dropped off for some reason.

From Robyn, Melanie and myself we would like to wish everybody a safe and happy Christmas and thank you for your continued support over the last 12 months.
Thanks also to everyone that has sent in reports or posted on our Facebook page because without reports obviously there will be no weekly fishing report. Don’t forget if there is something you would like to see mentioned in the report simply drop in and see me at the shop.

Improving boat ramps in Bass Coast

THE Bass Coast Shire Council is the manager of the boat ramp facilities at Cowes, Rhyll, Newhaven, Grantville, Coronet Bay, Cape Paterson, Inverloch and Mahers Landing.
In recent years Council has undertaken works projects at several Council-managed boat ramp facilities. These works have been supported by several facility feasibility studies which Council has developed.
Works include:
• Construction of a new Jetty at Cowes Boat Ramp
• Construction of a 30-car and trailer space asphalt car park at the Cowes Boat Ramp
• Regarding and resurfacing of the concrete ramp at the Cowes Boat Ramp
• Construction of a new boat ramp and car park at Coronet Bay
• Works to improve the concrete ramp surface at the Grantville and Cape Paterson boat ramp facilities Council currently manages a program to remove sand from the surface of the boat ramps at Cowes and Coronet Bay and undertakes regular inspections and maintenance of all Council-managed boating ramp facilities.
Council has recently commenced works to maintain the jetty at the Grantville boat ramp
Works planned in the future include:
• A user needs study of the Mahers Landing Boat Ramp facility will commence in early 2016.

New fishing guide

The 2016 Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide is now available at tackle shops across the state and includes important information about catch limits, permitted equipment and closed seasons.
Fisheries Victoria executive director, Travis Dowling, said the Guide was an important reference booklet that included colour illustrations of commonly caught fish so anglers could identify their catch, and the size and bag limits that apply.
Mr Dowling said the 2016 Guide clarified the use of gaffs and electric reels following feedback from anglers, although no rule changes have occurred.
“The new guide also includes information about new plastic fishing licences that were introduced on November 1, 2015.
View the guide online at