By King George

Ari McGee (8) from Cape Paterson caught this flathead off Shallow Inlet. The fishers reported seeing a neighbouring angler pull in a ripper 71cm flathead that struck like a gummy. The big breeder was returned to the water.

Ari McGee (8) from Cape Paterson caught this flathead off Shallow Inlet. The fishers reported seeing a neighbouring angler pull in a ripper 71cm flathead that struck like a gummy. The big breeder was returned to the water.

Ten year-old Robson McGee caught a perfect pan-sized snapper on pipis and bluebait in Shallow Inlet on Saturday.

Ten year-old Robson McGee caught a perfect pan-sized snapper on pipis and bluebait in Shallow Inlet on Saturday.

SQUID continue with both size and numbers pleasing.
This should no doubt continue and of course they will attract other fish species further up the food chain.
As usual they are being taken on a variety of jigs and this shows no signs of slowing down.
Wonthaggi anglers Steve Poole and son Bailey decided to try their luck through the week and managed to bag a very impressive crayfish at a secret location and naturally took a pic for bragging rights.

Surf: There have been quite a few positive reports of salmon being caught on beaches such as Williamsons and Kilcunda where the torpedo fish have been to the 2kg mark along with a scattering of flathead, mullet and Tommy roughs.
Occasionally there will be a pinkie snapper making an appearance.
There has also been those brave souls trying their luck off the rocks but there are also perils attached to this form of the sport.
This is recognized as being the most dangerous of outdoor recreations for good reason.
We often hear of fishers being washed off rocks by a so-called “rogue” wave.
The fact is that these waves are present all the time and the main cause of accidents is lack of attention by the victims.
There are a few precautions that can be taken to prevent accidents and one of these include never turning your back, or taking your eyes off the water as this is when you can be exposed to sudden danger.

Inverloch: The good numbers of whiting continue where inside the entrance they are to the 35cm mark, which is pleasing.
Places such as the bathing boxes and Pensioners Corner have been worth a visit on both sides of the low water tide when the water flow slows down and as well as whiting there are salmon, silvers and mullet taking a variety of baits such as pipis, mussels and Bass yabbies.
A few squid are being caught and no doubt the good fishing will continue.
The jetty is always popular with land-based anglers and visitors where there can be a fair wait between enquiries but when a school of salmon or mullet makes an appearance the action is fast and furious.

Mahers Landing: This area continues to produce good numbers of fish that include whiting, mullet, flathead, and squid.
The water temperature continues to rise, as will the positive reports.
The area around the A frame house not far from the boat ramp has been worth a look on the run in tide where good numbers of flathead and gummies are being bagged on baits such as whitebait and squid.
Stevies Gutter has also been productive with best results being at low water when fish such as flathead, whiting and perch are being caught on baits such as pipis, squid, Bass yabbies or a cocktail.
Whiting are in reasonable numbers at the entrance to the gutter but there are also plenty of those mini flathead that seem to be everywhere and although a nuisance the wait is worthwhile when a quality royal makes an appearance.
Above Mahers Landing boaters have been doing reasonably well on mullet, silvers and salmon as well as squid that are being caught on both sides of the tide.
For the benefit of those not familiar with this area, around the Double Islands at low tide can be a trap as it becomes very shallow the mud very soft.

Tarwin River: Landbased anglers have been doling reasonably well on both sides of the highway bridge where good size perch have been bagged on Bass yabbies, clickers and soft plastic lures.
The best time has been on the run off tide and Charlie Hoeing was very happy when he caught five very reasonable size perch but not so happy when he stood on a snake on the way back after the successful outing.
Charlie said apart from a fright, there were no other dramas.
This is a timely warning to other anglers to be aware of these sudden dangers, especially at this time of year.

Shallow Inlet: Karen Starrett at the local caravan park says that over the weekend the fishing has been very good.
The conditions have been fine and sunny and also without the wind, which she says is great.
There has been a very good variety of fish caught including quality whiting for which this area has a great reputation along with big gummies, pinkies, flathead and silvers.
The fish have been taken on both sides of the tides and of course there is not very far to travel before throwing out anchor and wait a short time for the action to begin.
For the benefit of those not familiar with this area, there is not a constructed boat ramp but the sand is firm enough to launch just about any size craft within reason.
There are a few patches of soft sand and it is a good idea to seek local advice if you are not familiar with the layout. Better to be sure than sorry.

Port Welshpool: Information over the weekend is that there were plenty of boaters trying their luck both inside and outside the entrance.
The Franklin Channel has been fishing very well with best results being on the last two hours of the run in tide and the same on the run out flow.
Good size snapper have been bagged to the 7kg mark along with gummy sharks being bagged with baits such as squid and pilchards doing the job.
The Lewis Channel has also been very productive where the main catch has been whiting to the 37cm mark as has been the case for some time along with silvers, salmon and flathead.
The best results have been at low water on both sides of the tides.

Lakes Entrance: Plenty of salmon to 42cm have been caught off the surf and in Reeve Channel.
Silver lures and pilchard are taking fish.
Luderick are biting on weed off the town jetties and rock groynes, at North Arm.
Offshore, good size snapper are still having a taste.

Lake Tyers: Flathead are cruising in the shallows at high tide near the entrance. Soft plastics and prawn are best bait.
Bream have been landed between Trident Arm and Solitude Bay, on peeled prawn.

Mitchell River: Bream are prevalent around the cut and mouth. Prawn, spider crab and sandworm are producing fish.
The highway bridge has estuary perch striking green plastics.
A few bass are around Wy Yung bridge, with hard bodied lures taking fish.

Tambo River: Bream have been caught around Rough Road and Sandy’s Bluff, using peeled prawn.

Nicholson: Good size bream are active between Little Cliffs and the swimming hole. Try prawn and sandworm.

Metung: The boardwalk is good for Bream on pipi and prawn.
Shaving Point has king George whiting biting on pipi and mussel.

Paynesville: Tailor are chasing metal lures in Newlands Arm.
Bream are taking bread and sandworm off the pontoons.
A few flathead are around The Country Club.

Hollands Landing: Jones Bay is good for bream, using peeled prawn and whitebait.

Marlo: The Brodribb River has estuary perch around the snags. Hard bodied lures are picking up fish.
The Snowy has dropped and cleared, but fishing is still slow.
The estuary is good for flathead and bream using soft plastics and prawn.
The surf has gummies taking squid.

Bemm River: Trevally are in the channel, with prawn and soft plastics catching fish.
Bream are being caught in the lake and river with the odd flathead.

Tamboon: The jetty at Peach Tree Creek has bream biting on sandworm and prawn.

Mallacoota: Plenty of bream are in both lakes.
Sandworm, prawn and yabbies are best bait.
The Narrows has flathead striking soft plastics.
The wharf has luderick, during a running tide.
Tailor are taking silver lures on dusk.

Omeo: Water levels have dropped in the rivers, but the Mitta Mitta has some good size brown trout. Worms are still the best bait.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

ANOTHER mixed up week with very strong winds mid-week to very good conditions on the weekend which would be OK if it wasn’t so close to Christmas and there wasn’t so much to get in the way of fishing.
There were a few able to get out on the water and the beaches with mixed results everywhere and although there are always more boating reports, the landbased fishermen are struggling for much else other than calamari so far this season.
This weekend was the first real reports I have had of snapper from the jetties or to be more exact Cowes Jetty.
Nothing too flash in size or quantity but there were more reported over the weekend than has been reported all season so far.
As for the rest of the jetties, not including calamari, several small flathead a handful of mullet and a couple of salmon were caught.
As most are saying, it is the quietest on the jetties for many years but nothing this season so far has really been normal, whatever that is and you are only ever one day from a good day’s fishing.
Calamari reports are continuing and have slowed a little from the big numbers of a couple of weeks ago but still very respectable in size and quantity.
Where they are being caught in the boats is still almost everywhere you drop in a jig, deep or shallow and the landbased reports is still San Remo Jetty, Cleeland Bight and Ventnor beaches.
Other landbased reports came from Newhaven and Cowes jetties.
The best time this week for calamari from most landbased areas was in the evening and not so many early morning.
Although we did get the odd reports from daylight hours in the middle of the tide, the better time was the last hour of the tide just before the change.
Baited jigs were popular again this week and two colours stood out with the artificial ones being white or orange.
Snapper have remained frustrating to find and I think it is only a guess as to which areas to head to and as one customer said it seems to be everyone else that heads to the right spot.
We had scattered boating reports and only a few customers actually bagged out.
Several told us that the fish seem smaller now and the sizes we are weighing would suggest that as well.
There were a couple around the 5kg plus mark but most closer to 2kg and several under size.
There wasn’t one spot that stood out more than the other and just when it seemed a pattern was forming everything would change.
As for baits, those trying all sorts of different baits were no more successful than those with the standard pilchards and squid.
Despite the lower numbers plenty of customers reported seeing snapper on their sounders suggesting they haven’t all left yet and because the season has been so different so far I wouldn’t take too much notice of previous years because I think by the end of it this season will be one out of the box.
Whiting were a bit better this week despite the weather with wind and tide favourable most days and the small windows during the week were at the right part of the tide to fish.
The morning was the better of the times and tides to fish with the best size fish and bags of fish from the Cowes area.
Cleeland Bight was the next best but early morning then Dickies Bay, Bass River, and Reef Island patchy during the day.
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