I read with interest and sadness John O’Brien’s letter in the Phillip Island and San Remo Advertiser (6/01/16).
Council’s policy of not dust sealing unsealed roads should be urgently revised and their policy of reverting dust sealed to unsealed roads if potholes occur on a dust sealed road is incomprehensible.
One of the few letters I have written to Bass Coast Shire Council praising them for doing something worthy of praise is as follows:
“I am writing to thank council for the dust suppression measures undertaken on Reid Street and Beach Road, Rhyll.
The surface treatment has been most effective and the surface seems to be lasting well even though there has been a lot of traffic during the holiday period and also heavy traffic delivering material for house construction on Reid Street.
I understand from the local paper that this was to be a trial.
I can only conclude that this has been highly successful and is greatly appreciated by residents.”
This road is still very satisfactory after 10 years even though in some places a pothole has required repair.
I doubt if any other roads in the shire have not required the occasional pothole to be repaired.
Some dust sealed roads have not lasted as long as Reid Street and this must reflect on whether the road base was properly prepared and compacted.
Reid Street must have saved council money by not requiring frequent grading for the past 10 years and the difference in the amount of dust is definitely beneficial to ratepayers’ health.
Surely council should be doing everything in their power to reduce dust pollution by dust sealing unsealed roads wherever possible.
Ten years ago we suffered from the dust problems expressed by JohnO’Brien.
Come on council, use some common sense, go back to the highly successful policy of 10 years ago.
John Swarbrick, Rhyll