Higher ceilings can make a room bright and airy.

Higher ceilings can make a room bright and airy.

UPGRADING your home before you build it offers a wide range of benefits including increasing its overall value and increasing the functionality and comfort of the home.
It is also easier and often cheaper to do so during the construction phase rather than after handover.
To avoid a hefty price tag, take advantage of builder promotions and sales to ensure you are getting the most out of your home.
With Hotondo Homes’ latest offer, you will receive one of three special upgrade packages which include either heightened ceilings, an upgraded kitchen or a split system air conditioner at no extra cost.
Take the time to consider these points when building a home and choosing your upgrades:

Higher ceilings

The standard ceiling height in Australia is 2400mm.
Although it may seem an insignificant increase, upgrading to 2550mm ceiling heights can make an enormous difference to the overall feel of a home.
It will make the space feel bigger, and it creates extra room for ceiling fans, pendant lighting and storage.
If the cost is holding you back, consider raising the height of a ceiling in certain areas of the home like the kitchen or living space, and leave the bedrooms and other rooms at the standard height for a cosier feel.

Kitchen upgrade

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and with open-plan living becoming even more popular, this is truer than ever.
Make a statement with your kitchen and include a stone benchtop which not only looks fantastic, but offers a stronger and more durable option than a laminate alternative.
The benchtop is the centre of attention in a kitchen, so choose a colour that will complement your overall colour scheme.
If you love to cook, a 900mm oven and steel cooktop and dishwasher will also help you prepare large meals more easily. Stainless steel offers a timeless look.

Heating and cooling

Most homes in warmer climates will benefit from a good air conditioning system.
Split system designs offer the benefit of heating and cooling, easy maintenance and a quiet operation.
Split systems can also save on energy costs because a specific room can be controlled as you use it instead of heating or cooling the entire home.
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