By Michael Giles

THE people of Korumburra have been incredibly patient when it comes to the state of the town’s water supply.
Maybe a little too patient.
Not since the Bellview Creek Reservoir was opened on September 18, 1958, has there been a significant investment in the town’s water capacity which sits at a woefully inadequate 575ML, when we need up to 2.5ML a day at peak times.
Everyone, from the Premier Daniel Andrews to the Water Minister Lisa Neville, the local MPs including Danny O’Brien (Nationals) and Harriet Shing (Labor); the officials of South Gippsland Water and the shire; they all know what the situation is and what’s required.
Not only do we have a growing town here, one that is getting increasing numbers of new residents coming out from Melbourne’s growth corridor, but we also have a significant, export-earning company in Burra Foods which is providing much-needed jobs and income to the local economy.
Burra Foods needs water security and so do the people of the town.
We pay our taxes and surely it isn’t too much to ask!
It’s our drinking water for God’s sake.
We’re not asking for a heated, indoor swimming pool or a decent public transport system. Although these are expected as basic services in the city, we understand they’re luxuries out here in the sticks.
And it’s not as if we don’t get up off our seats and help ourselves.
Where would we be in the country without the volunteers in the CFA, CERT ambulance services, surf lifesaving clubs, hospitals, schools, sporting clubs and service clubs?
But what we can’t do on our own is provide adequate water supplies for a growing town.
That’s your job, Mr Premier.
Certainly your ability to fund much-needed infrastructure has been cruelled by the disgraceful East-West link episode and we can blame the Napthine/Abbott governments for trying to lock us into that so close to the last State election.
But it’s now time to get on with the job and you’ve got to start looking beyond suburban railway crossings for priority projects.