After reading the article ‘Bass Coast tries to buck rate cap’ (30/12/15 p10), I urge all Bass Coast ratepayers to write to the relevant Minister, Ms Natalie Hutchins, and ask her to reject any such application.
By all means take part in local discussions, but we already know that this council cannot be trusted to represent the views of ratepayers when the results of consultations differ from the personal views of councillors.
Those of you who suffer from insomnia may benefit from reading all 70 pages of the Long Term Financial Plan, which appears to have everything in it, except a plan!
For the rest of you, go straight to the top of page 62; this shows BCSC has rapidly increased rates over the past three years to achieve the honour of being the highest taxing council per capita out of any included in its own benchmark, charging approximately 30 per cent more than the average.
Council’s “plan” is to increase this disparity.
Council will no doubt point to the small difference its proposed for a 4.7 per cent rate increase will make in dollar terms to your 2016/17 rates bill, conveniently ignoring the fact we already pay hundreds of dollars more than the average for equivalent councils, and the plan is to widen this gap.
Council will threaten loss of amenity, conveniently ignoring internal wastage such as the $250,000 it spent trying to force Cape Paterson residents to pay for a road they did not want.
Council will point to all sorts of comparisons that are almost certainly the equivalent of comparing apples to oranges, but it will not want to talk about the numbers on page 62.
The simple fact is that BCSC ratepayers already pay more per person than ratepayers in all of the regions it was compared with; don’t let council make it any worse.
Keith Finney, Inverloch