I drove into the Wonthaggi Plaza carpark off Biggs Drive on December 23 and 24 and observed that the carpark was virtually full with vehicles; luckily I got a park when someone pulled out.
I stopped and thought with all those vehicles (100 or 200), what would happen if a car caught on fire or if a fire or an explosion occurred in the centre?
With only one main exit into Biggs Drive and one single lane exit adjacent to the bike track, how would the CFA or SES get to the fire or explosion with vehicles, pedestrians or wheelie carts trying to exit or blocking the roadway.
There is no exit at the rear of the centre so absolute chaos would occur.
Of course if an exit had been constructed at the north-east side of the carpark behind Big W, that would certainly help but only Bass Coast Shire can explain why that didn’t happen during construction.
I don’t like to dramatize too much but no-one thought a fire would happen on Tank Hill Road recently, did they?
Maybe Emergency Services should be consulted and investigate a solution.
LM Black, Wonthaggi