Thank you, Brian Paynter for your verbal support for a new secondary college in Wonthaggi.
Can I please ask, however, that you stop using Wonthaggi Secondary College as a political football though?
When the Brumby (ALP) government was in power there were some real significant moves made towards the creation of a new school.
The site was selected and a working party established and we were a long way down the path to the new school.
A lot of work was put in over a long period of time and, my understanding, is that the school was to be funded in the next State budget.
Unfortunately then the Liberals, under Ted Ballieu, won power and the new school hit a brick wall.
In the three years of that Liberal government there were repeated efforts to get funding for the new school and they all fell flat.
Then, miraculously, in the lead up to the election the Liberals jumped on board and promised to fully fund the school if they won the election.
The problem with this was that the promise was made after it became apparent that the Liberals chances of winning the election were in free fall.
So while we really appreciate your verbal support Bryan Paynter, your party had three years of opportunities to fund our badly needed school and let us down.
Given that you are our elected representative I don’t want to see you writing letters to the local paper about our school.
The readers of this paper already know that we badly need a new school.
Do your job and represent us in parliament.
Push and keep pushing and work with the government until they say ‘Yes’ and provide the funding.
If you really want to write a letter to the local paper then make an absolute commitment that we will get the new school under the next Liberal government.
Tell us exactly how much your government will be prepared to fund the school for so that we can start planning now.
Provide us with a time line from the day that your government takes power and provide us with really concrete plans so we know that you are genuine.
Glenn Sullivan, teacher, Wonthaggi Secondary College