AFTER only six months using the SCR Heatime HR System on their cows, Terry and Janine Clark of Nerrena are already saving a lot of time, they know more about their cows and they’ve been submitting significantly more cows for AI.
It’s been a good result all round.
And at a ‘Twilight Field Night’ at their dairy farm on Densleys Road, Nerrena next Friday, January 22 starting at 7pm, they’ll tell you why.
“The cows have a strap around their neck with a transponder about the size of a mobile phone on it.
“It records details about their activity and their rumination during the day.”
According to Terry when the cows are in heat and “bulling” the other cows, they’re not eating as much and the system records that.
“When they come into the shed, that information is downloaded and a gate opens automatically, putting them aside for AI at the end of milking.
“We used to paint their tails and try to monitor activity that way but you didn’t always pick it up straight away.
“It definitely allowed us to submit more cows for AI and we didn’t have to get them all in to paint their tails.”
Terry will be talking about his experiences with Heatime on the night.
According to the SCR/Allflex website, Heatime is a standalone, long-distance, terminal-based system that provides a complete reproduction and health monitoring solution, with no PC required. It comprises robust, multi-functional neck tags that each have a proprietary movement sensor and a rumination recorder.
The heat recording system is being used worldwide and the pregnancy probability reports it produces are boosting reproduction outcomes.
There are a number of other important applications for the data being collected that are further extending the usefulness of Heatime.