I would like to comment on two articles in the Sentinel-Times dated Tuesday, February 9 regarding tolls on the Phillip island bridge.
It is a foreign concept to Australians to pay tolls of any kind.
I know we have road and bridge tolls but the user has a choice to use or not to use.
I know that technical infrastructure is available to give local residents exemption from these tolls but visiting friends and holiday makers arriving by car would incur a toll.
The tourism industry to Phillip Island and Bass Coast is worth $665 million a year and employs 6400 people.
Do you wish to destroy this by making visitors and family that come here by car pay a toll?
Do you wish to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?
If you wish to raise money for minor infrastructure projects, toll the tourists coming to the Phillip Island Penguin Parade with a $1 levy on their tickets collected by PINP.
I confess, it’s an impossible dream for PINP and Bass Coast Shire Council to agree on this (note PINP does not pay council rates), althoug it would be a nice gesture from PINP.
John Trigt, Surf Beach.