Yes, the Good Samaritan still exists.
On Thursday, January 28 at 4.25pm a distressed older woman explained to the cashier at the Caltex service station at Bass she had filled up with petrol before realising she had left her handbag with her purse, credit card and mobile phone at her daughter’s.
She asked if it were possible for the cashier to ring her daughter and get her to pay over the phone with the credit card. The cashier rang a senior person who for some reason said it wasn’t possible.
The woman next in the queue overheard what was going on, asked how much the petrol was – over $23 – and said, ‘I’ll pay it’ and did.
As she left the shop, the older woman ran after her trying to get contact details so she could pay her back.
“Don’t worry about it,” said the woman. “Pass it on.”
The older woman stood there with her mouth open while the Good Samaritan hopped in her car and drove off.
Meryl Tobin, Grantville.