By Nathan Johnston

LET us all rejoice as road works continue on South Gippsland’s highways, and it looks like the contractors have saved the worst until last – the rough patchwork mess near Ruby.
The projects have been ongoing for a few months and soon it will be safe to tow a caravan to the Prom without nervously sweating about the impact of a series of potholes.
While the improvements are most welcome, our last vestiges of patience are being swallowed up by the miles of road works signs in place when there are no road workers in sight, for days, sometimes weeks.
Speed restrictions of 40km/h and signs advising of ‘loose stones’ when the existing bitumen is still intact are just plain annoying, and is some cases, it’s dangerous.
Some drivers, to their credit, stick rigidly to the instructions, but often do so with another impatient driver barely inches behind.
As drivers, we are told to obey the road works signs at all times.
Surely, there must also be an edict that enforces contractors to have the appropriate signs in place, or down, at all times.
That aside, after years of campaigning and complaining about the potholes, we’re almost there.
Given that funding for an extra bridge to Phillip Island and the Black Spur realignment at Koonwarra is unlikely soon, final requests would be for proper warning signs on Crightons Hill (Strzelecki Highway) and traffic lights in Wonthaggi at the McKenzie Street (Bass Highway)-Korumburra Road intersection.