I attended a workshop on the Long Term Financial Plan and Impact of Rate Capping last Thursday evening in Wonthaggi.
I hope that many other ratepayers will attend the sessions being held in Cowes on February 2.
The workshop was well conducted with Mark Brady as Convener.
Both workshops in Wonthaggi strongly opposed rate rises above the Rate Cap and stated that the LTFP should not show rates increasing by 6.8 per cent for the next 10 years.
The workshop recommended that initially expenditure should be cut by 10 per cent, employee numbers by 25 and that capital projects prioritised by council with community input.
If ratepayers could not attend any of the workshops your feelings can be expressed by making a submission by email or letter to council stating that as a ratepayer you oppose rate rise greater than the 2.5 per cent rate cap imposed by the State Government, before the end of February, is sufficient to get your views to council.
A new EBA is being negotiated but it looks as though the increase will be more than the CPI of 1.7 per cent as the “figure on the table” is stated as 2.5 per cent.
Most workers these difficult times are happy to be in employment and if they get an increase would be pleased to receive CPI.
Any increase has to be paid by ratepayers, most of those whose income will not be increasing by CPI.
Sign the petition opposing rate rises above the rate cap by the end of February so that community opposition can be demonstrated to the Essential Services Commission and the council.
John Swarbrick, Rhyll.