I am writing with reference to the article ‘Left kids in car’, page 5 of the Sentinel-Times, Tuesday, February 2.
Late last year in Wonthaggi and in Korumburra, on two hot days, I observed adults leaving children unattended in parked cars with the engines running to keep the air conditioning operating.
I am aware it is illegal to leave a vehicle with its engine running, unattended by a licenced driver.
I can also understand some parents not wishing to troop all their children out of the car to the shops where they are only stopping for a short time.
However, I think leaving kids unattended in a running vehicle seems incredibly irresponsible of the parents.
Recently, at the Korumburra Police Station when an officer was kindly certifying some documents for me, I asked ‘What is the legal age at which children can be left unattended in a vehicle?’
The officer said he did not know. If people are to be fined for the offence of leaving children unattended in cars, it would be good if we knew what the legal age is, when children can be left unattended in a car.
Libby Lambert, Bena.