Last Thursday our community told Bass Coast councillors, in very clear language, that we are opposed to any attempt by them to increase rates by more than the declared Fair Go rate cap of 2.5 per cent.
Around 60 community members attended the workshops that were held in Wonthaggi, and the overwhelming message to council is that it needs to start living within ratepayers’ means.
Attempting to encourage attendance at the workshops, Bass Coast Mayor Cr Jordan Crugnale is reported as saying; “We need creative, lateral minds in our shire to think about alternative revenue streams we can enthusiastically explore.” (Advertiser, January 20, p4)
So it appears that, despite this council having a CEO and handful of executives that cost us well over $2 million a year, and despite all the money expended by this council on consultants, other than slugging ratepayers with excessive rate increases this council is devoid of ideas for other revenue streams!
Perhaps councillors didn’t get the message from their expensive consultant-managed ‘You Talk, Council Listens’ sessions last April.
Well, surely they must have got it now, from no less than their own General Manager of Governance, Organisation Development, and Communications, Mr Mark Brady.
After facilitating the two gruelling workshops, a weary Mr Brady told those present that he gets it, that the community expects council to restrict itself to the 2.5 per cent cap and to not seek any variation, and that he will report this back to councillors.
This week’s Cowes workshops are sure to repeat this message to council.
Councillors, do you get it yet?
Kevin Griffin, Inverloch.