This week a number of our Linton Court Retirement Village residents contacted me to say they were really fed up with their poor TV reception.
This has been the same experience that we ourselves have had over recent months, and indeed everyone I have spoken to around here has been saying the same thing.
It seems like the ABC and its related channels are so badly pixelated about 80 per cent of the time that it is impossible to watch.
SBS and its related channels are also unwatchable almost as much as the ABC.
Other channels are not affected as much, but are still affected in the same way – maybe only perhaps 10 per cent of the time, though.
Until about three months or so ago we received good reception on all channels.
It is clear that there have been some changes in the transmission arrangements that have negatively impacted on the TV reception in our area.
What has happened? It is clearly a major local problem.
Our area is a retirement area, with an age profile far older than the average.
The enjoyment of news, current affairs and entertainment via access to free to air TV is a key life factor in all age groups these days, but especially so for older people.
Lloyd McKenzie, Foster.