Since 2000, we have, with assistance from Landcare, revegetated 17 hectares (43 acres) of a property between Bena and Kongwak.
We have created wildlife corridors, shade and shelter for livestock, and protected the Giant Gippsland Worm habitat.
As time has moved on, more wildlife has taken up residence including 32 species of native birds, a small mob of eastern grey kangaroos, reptiles, passing koalas and wombats, and eventually a family of Black Wallabies. First, a lone adult Black Wallaby appeared in late 2011, a second in 2013 and a joey was first observed out of the pouch in September 2015.
This little family survived until in late November 2015 when all were killed by cars on the Bena-Kongwak Road.
The male was hit in late November, 2015, the female on Sunday, January 17, 2016 and the joey (probably searching for her mum) on the next Friday, January 22.
The next potential wildlife victims during late summer and in autumn will be the Rosellas feeding on the grass seeds along the roadsides.
Rosellas mate for life and it is distressing to observe a Rosella hovering around its dead partner as if trying to coach it back to life.
Please, could drivers take care to consider the tiny number of native wildlife species surviving in our area and slow down on roads near any native vegetation.
Libby Lambert, Bena.