Referring to the article in this week’s (Sentinel-Times), I would like to commend Felicia and the voice that the South Gippsland Rural Australians give to refugees and asylum seekers that arrive in our country.
But it is yet another situation that has become subjected to political ignorance.
Is there no one with heart in our government?
It does not matter how they get here, but once they arrive on our soil, to treat men, women and children that have run from trauma with more torture, detention and deportation, is wrong.
I do remember not too long ago the government at that time had to make a big sorry statement and endure a process for the way it treated its aboriginal people and all of us Australians at that time having to feel the burden of the previous generation’s wrongdoing.
Well, sorry is just a word and the only way to activate it is not to repeat the wrongdoing.
Are we going to leave it to governments of the future and our children’s generation to carry the burden of how we treat the refugees and people that seek asylum from trauma in our country?
I look forward to getting more involved with Felicia and the work that she does and learning more about the situation and if there is any support that I can provide, I hope to, so I stay a proud Australian.
I would like to see more Australians be supportive of allowing these people to be not only housed in our great country, but becoming valued members of our community.
Dilene Hinton, Leongatha.