By King George

THE up and down conditions have had a similar effect on the fish feeding habits.
As a result there have been mixed results but that is something we have to cope with.

Surf: Through the week there were some good reports of salmon to the 2.5kg mark being taken by land-based anglers.
Williamsons Beach has been very popular as has the Kilcunda beaches with best results being on the run in tide and first of the run off flow.
There was a report from an angler who decided to try his luck and bagged a couple of reasonable size salmon that were estimated to be around the 1kg mark.
He was happy with his efforts but was also careful and noticed a very strong rip that didn’t cause him any dramas but could have if he was not alert.

Wonthaggi Angling Club: The club held its monthly competition last Sunday where the conditions were a bit on the uncomfortable side with a southeast wind not really wanted.
Fish of the month was flathead but not many were caught.
There were 52 members and visitors who were welcomed at the weigh-in by president Steve and he reminded those present of the coming Tambo trip which will be in May.
He encouraged as many members and friends to come along and enjoy themselves.
He also announced the club will be having a competition against the Rhyll Phillip Island Angling Club.
This promises to be a great event and he encouraged as many members as possible to take part and enjoy themselves.
The competition will be called the Foots of Flinders Whiting Classic.
There will be three prizes in the seniors section.
In the Under 16 section there will be a prize for the heaviest whiting and a prize for the heaviest fish.
There will be three additional prizes allocated by secret weight.
Two fish per angler can be presented at the weigh-in.
Back to Wonthaggi Angling Club’s monthly competition, and the winner of the senior male section was Trevor Bowler with a 575gm whiting for 1610 points but there was no senor female to weigh in a fish.
The junior male section was won by Harry Howell with a 400gm whiting for 1120 points and the junior female section winner was Asha Dennis with a 205gm whiting for 574 points.
The veteran’s section was won by Alan Bentick with a 475gm whiting for 1330 points.
The next competition will be on Sunday, March 20 and president Steve would like to see as many members take part and meet at the clubrooms where the weigh-in will be from 5pm to 6pm.

Shallow Inlet: Information from the caravan park is that the fish have been going very well.
Whiting seem to be everywhere and whoppers to the 45cm mark have been taken in very good numbers.
The fish have been taken at low water on both sides of the tides and mixed in with them have been very good numbers of gummies.
It is not uncommon for boaters to bag out and many are throwing the bigger fish back into the water as they may be females in pup.
This is a common sense thing to do, as there seem to be plenty to go round.
Quality snapper are also being bagged as well as flathead and silvers.
The fish don’t seem to be fussy which is great news and this should continue as long as the conditions allow.
Outside in Waratah Bay there are reports of king fish being bagged on a variety of presentations.
King George has received information from quite a few boaters who have been catching unusual numbers of small whiting out wide.
They have been surprised and there is a feeling that king fish have been taking a toll on the larger royals.
Of course this is a theory like many other suggestions but might just have merit as king fish have also been caught in numbers in the same area.

Port Welshpool: Information from the boat storage is that there has been any amount of gummies being caught up to and better than the 20kg mark.
There were clubs from Berwick and Drouin trying their luck over the weekend and were not disappointed when they returned with plenty of gummies and snapper that were to the 7kg mark.
There was a boat that was looking for a mako and decided to throw out some berley.
As it turned out he didn’t attract a mako but did manage to lure in plenty of squid.
They decided to settle for the cephalopods and threw out some lures among the berley.
Of course it had to happen, when out of nowhere, came a great big mako.
The big fellow grabbed hold of the squid lure and took off at great speed.
This was not what the hapless angler really wanted.
In a desperate attempt to save line he locked up the reel and hoped for the best.
Luck was on his side and it seems that the line snapped off at the lure and this was all that he lost, of course as well as the big fish.
There have been positive reports as far as the whiting have been concerned.
The Lewis Channel has been very productive where they have been to the 37cm mark and taking a variety of baits such as Bass yabbies, pipis, sand worms as small strips of squid.
Flathead, silvers and mullet have also been bagged and no doubt the fish will stick around for some time yet.
The jetties have been fairly productive as far as land-based anglers are concerned with fairly good numbers of mullet, silvers, flathead and squid making a visit worthwhile.

Lakes Entrance: Windy conditions have deterred anglers, however the determined ones have caught salmon, flathead and the odd King George whiting between Nungurner Jetty and Nyerimilang Park. Sandworm and local prawn have been best bait.
Some trevally and mullet have been landed off Bullock Island Jetty.

Lake Tyers: Fishing has been consistent with good size flathead taken from Blacksnake Bight to Trident Arm using soft plastics and local prawn.
Bream are biting around Long Point and Pile Bay. Try peeled prawn and sandworm.

Mitchell River: Bream are active around Grassy Banks with sandworm taking fish.
Bass have been landed around Lindenow using hard bodied lures.

Tambo River: Anglers have bagged out on bream around the mouth of the river. Sandworm and peeled prawn have accounted for most fish.

Nicholson: Many small bream are about but some larger ones are around the cliffs area. Shrimp and sandworm are catching fish.

Metung: Most fish are being caught in Bancroft Bay. Flathead, bream and King George whiting are taking local prawn and sandworm.

Paynesville: The wharf is good for bream using sandworm and mussel.
Tailor is striking trolled silver lures in Duck Bay.

Hollands Landing: The Wood Pile area is producing bream to 40cm on sandworm, whitebait and prawn.

Marlo: Estuary perch are biting around snags in the Snowy River with live prawn being best bait.
Bream, luderick, trevally and mullet are cruising in the estuary. Prawn, spider crab and sandworm are getting good results.
The beach has salmon and tailor, with gummies and flathead off shore.

Bemm River: Plenty of bait prawn are about and are preferred bait for flathead and bream in the lake.
The channel has trevally and tailor chasing hard bodied lures.

Tamboon: The jetty at Furnell Landing is producing good fishing with flathead, bream and luderick taking sandworm and soft plastics.

Mallacoota: Both lakes are providing plenty of bream on yabbies, prawn and plastics.
Fishermans Jetty is good for luderick on weed.
The narrows have large flathead partial to live poddies.
The surf has salmon and tailor striking poppers and pilchard.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THE east south easterlies have continued and the reports are about what you would expect in these conditions.
While the swell hasn’t been too bad and a few have been offshore, fishing has been difficult in the uncomfortable conditions.
Those who managed to time it right and got out, especially in the mornings before the wind picked up, bagged some quality size flathead and good numbers as well.
With the forecast most haven’t travelled too far out and the reports have come from 30m to 40m just outside the entrance.
There are plenty of silver whiting as well in the same area and casting a lure or two you should pick up a few couta.
If you are chasing some bait, a bit of berley in the water will help with attracting slimmey mackerel and yakkas.
The arrow squid are still on the bottom and can be easily caught using a jig on a paternoster rig.
Just outside the entrance near Gull Island there has been a good mixture of arrow squid and calamari.
The conditions haven’t been all that good for chasing kingfish and the only report I had was from someone casting lures off the ledge at Kitty Miller Bay and went Kingfish 2 Angler 0.
He said he just couldn’t slow them down and both were traveling very quickly and headed for the bottom breaking him off.

Cleeland Bight was popular this week as it can provide a bit of shelter on a S/E wind and those who fished there had some moderate success with both whiting and calamari.
Unlike the last few weeks where the whiting reports have been best in the early morning this week the best time has been the last hour before the change of the afternoon tide.
The calamari haven’t been as fussy with tide and were caught during most of the tide.
Numbers weren’t too special and the sizes were mixed but those who targeted them didn’t seem to have too many problems finding a few and those fishing for whiting found a jig under a float out the back worked.
I also had a couple of reports of flathead and some better numbers of trevally than we have seen for a couple of years.
Those fishing towards Reef Island or Bass River have caught a few whiting and barely a feed for most while some have done reasonably well with smaller fish.
There are still plenty of toadies and leatherjackets to keep you occupied and every now and again the seal comes and pays a visit.
Some of the most consistent areas have been around Tortoise Head and on the other side near the yacht club a Cowes.
Another couple of customers have started using pilchard fillet as bait for their whiting and say they won’t be bothering with pipis again.
The garfish haven’t disappeared altogether just a few less in number than a couple of weeks ago.
There is plenty of life in the bay, the problem is it is all undersized, flathead, gummies and pinkies and if you are fishing on The Corals you will be kept busy all day with these undersized fish.
It’s a good place to take the kids if you want to keep them busy, just use circle hooks which will make it easier for the kids but also easier to release the undersized fish.
Occasionally there are some fish that are size and generally there are plenty of bait fish like small salmon, couta and yakkas to collect and keep the kids busy.